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Sony Electronics Director of Mobile Music Mike Kahn; Vans Warped Tour creator/founder Kevin Lyman; Senior Group Manager of The Clorox Company Drew McGowan; House of Marley Entrepreneur and son of Bob Marley Rohan Marley; and Senior Director of Digital Business Support for Universal Music Group Kathleen Strouse. Other featured guests include CEO/Co-Founder of Opportunity Green Karen Solomon and New House LLC Sustainable Strategist Lewis Perkins, with Waste Management’s Director of Customer Alliances and Solutions Wanda Williams moderating.

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Have a Green Christmas! This green holidays we’d like to say have a Merry Christmas and an amazing New Year. I’d like to specially thank everyone for their support throughout the year, for every kind comment or word of encouragement, thank you so much! Ecobold has come a long way and has many great things cooking for you. In this video we give you two ideas for sustainable holiday gift ideas: #1 green gift idea: Type a nice letter saying how much everyone in your life is important to you, tell what you appreciate the most about them, what you admire the most and what you’ll never forget that they’ve done for you (maybe picking you up at 3am at a bar when you were crying over being dumped by your ex?!). How many people usually get this kind of letter? Not too many! Why not start this trend that sends good messages to the world? #2 green gift idea: if you’re not that sentimental, just give them a gift certificate valid for a “how to party” where you’ll teach everyone your favorite hobby, be it knitting, be it making wine or beer or just teaching a dog how to sit! Imagine what a great time you’ll have with all kinds of friends?! We have a few shout-outs to several people that were really kind to us this year, I’m sure we’re forgetting some but please forgive me and comment here so I can put you in the next shout-out. Green companies shout-out: they’re the ones who retweeted our tweet that said: Attention all green companies! Retweet this and you’ll be included in Ecobold Xmas video

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Localizing Architecture: New Thinking in Sustainable Materials

Green Building Expo – – The green product race is on. Every day, new products hit the market claiming to be green. Exhibit floors across the country are being invaded by companies showcasing their latest green innovation. Unfortunately, many of those products are, relatively speaking, old news. Many of the biggest sustainable design conferences and expositions in 2009, and so far in 2010, have lacked anything truly new and astounding. Where, then, are the products just barely rolling off the production line? Those just waiting to be launched? Those still in research and development? The most effective way to be in the know is to build a green network. This is also the most important part of building a green library. When you have access to artists, manufacturers, researchers, and information providers who have within their reach the latest material intelligence, specifiers themselves can become part of the creation process and be in a position to design new and proprietary products. This session will showcase some of the newest green materials released, suggest strategies for ferreting the most innovative R&D and finding leading-edge sustainable material manufacturers, and provide tips for how to work with these companies to develop materials as of yet unimagined. Join Kevin Foster O’Donnell, Founder and Fundamentalist for this informative webcast Localizing Architecture: New Thinking in Sustainable Materials Learning Objectives: 1. Identify

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Green Jewelry!

Coupon code here: This eco jewelry by Feisty Elle is not only sustainable, green and eco-friendly, it’s very stylish! As soon as I got the box, I started wearing them. I got two earrings: one made out of merino wool which is a renewable material, and the other made out of bamboo, another renewable material that grows very fast. She makes them in all kinds of colors and types. The earrings are made in the shape of a dahlia, a feather, a petal drop and a leaf. I loved it so much because they give a nice statement and can be worn with almost everything, even a colorful outfit. Another great feature about the wool jewelry is that it’s very soft, it won’t break and can even be dry cleaned. The bamboo is also very soft and won’t be sagging your earlobe! Both materials are fully biodegradable. I loved the story of the owner, Leslie Yang, whom her mom didn’t let her pierce her ears until she was 16 years old because her mom thought she wouldn’t stop buying earrings. Not only her mom’s gut feeling were true, Leslie loves jewelry so much that she decided to start her own business in 2005. Beautiful story, beautiful jewelry. Other accessories that she makes are: sustainable hairclips, brooches, necklaces and even a cute trivet. Don’t forget to use the coupon code to get a discount of 25% off your eco jewelry purchase! Highlights: – Bamboo – Biodegradable – Recycled packaging – 100% merino wool felt – Committed to working with local businesses when possible

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Kruger Products – Green Energy

Kruger Products – Green Energy. Kruger Products Launches Sustainability 2015. Ambitious initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, energy and water consumption and solid waste

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