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Is Planning Permission Required For Installing Solar Panels On The Roof?

Photovoltaic process uses solar panels as a technology that converts radiant energy into direct current electricity, and then it is stored for use. Sometimes, a converter is a requirement to change direct current into AC electric current. Solar energy is nearly infinite due to the availability of the radiant from the sun. Certain materials such as monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon and copper indium gallium selenide/sulfide are used to gather glowing energy or photons.

Because of the nature of the installation and maintenance of the solar panels, many cities and countries in the Uk have solar planning commissions. The commission controls solar cell roof installations by issuing permits for the project. In 2008, the commission altered its stance on solar panel installations. They now permit solar cell installations without a permit, mostly, as long as it doesn't extend beyond 200mm of the outer roof edge.

In Scotland, additional conditions are in place. The adjusted provision says that no solar panel installation in Scotland can protrude past one meter of the rood edge. It can't stand out from the roof’s highest point. This includes any existing chimney. Nonetheless in all cases, an installation is still subject to the UK building rules.

If the gaff is a development of flats or maisonette, planning authorization will be needed. When the residence is a listed building, listed building consent will have to be given. This applies whether or not there is not any planning permit required.

Before solar panel installation, the roof should be inspected to determine if it can take the weight of the solar panels. If it is discovered that it can't, it'll need fortifying before the panels can be installed. Additionally , since pipes and electrical apparatuses have to be checked, it's advisable to use a fully registered Microgeneration Authentication Scheme (MCS) certified installer.

If the plan is to sign up for a grant for a Feed in Tariff Scheme (FIT), a MCS is critical. Solar panel installations must be done by a registered MCS to be accepted for the Feed In Tariff Scheme.

Alison O’Neil writes on a contract foundation for EcoSave Insulation Limited, a company concentrating on solar pv panels in Scotland and other energy saving solutions.

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