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Is Planning Permission Required For Installing Solar Panels On The Roof?

Photovoltaic process uses solar panels as a technology that converts radiant energy into direct current electricity, and then it is stored for use. Sometimes, a converter is a requirement to change direct current into AC electric current. Solar energy is nearly infinite due to the availability of the radiant from the sun. Certain materials such as monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon and copper indium gallium selenide/sulfide are used to gather glowing energy or photons.

Because of the nature of the installation and maintenance of the solar panels, many cities and countries in the Uk have solar planning commissions. The commission controls solar cell roof installations by issuing permits for the project. In 2008, the commission altered its stance on solar panel installations. They now permit solar cell installations without a permit, mostly, as long as it doesn't extend beyond 200mm of the outer roof edge.

In Scotland, additional conditions are in place. The adjusted provision says that no solar panel installation in Scotland can protrude past one meter of the rood edge. It can't stand out from the roof’s highest point. This includes any existing chimney. Nonetheless in all cases, an installation is still subject to the UK building rules.

If the gaff is a development of flats or maisonette, planning authorization will be needed. When the residence is a listed building, listed building consent will have to be given. This applies whether or not there is not any planning permit required.

Before solar panel installation, the roof should be inspected to determine if it can take the weight of the solar panels. If it is discovered that it can't, it'll need fortifying before the panels can be installed. Additionally , since pipes and electrical apparatuses have to be checked, it's advisable to use a fully registered Microgeneration Authentication Scheme (MCS) certified installer.

If the plan is to sign up for a grant for a Feed in Tariff Scheme (FIT), a MCS is critical. Solar panel installations must be done by a registered MCS to be accepted for the Feed In Tariff Scheme.

Alison O’Neil writes on a contract foundation for EcoSave Insulation Limited, a company concentrating on solar pv panels in Scotland and other energy saving solutions.

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Is High Energy LED Flood Illumination Helpful?

LED light bulbs

Numerous people tend to be choosing to install high power LED flood lights around their homes to provide a much better level of safety. They install these lights to act as a deterrent to people that would be trespasser. On the other hand there are several other benefits to be achieved from installing such light bulbs and below we will contemplate what some of these are.


Benefit 1 – Currently being economical regarding energy as compared to conventional incandescent as well as fluorescent illumination, this type of lighting is considerably more trusted and they tend to last longer. So the moment they have been mounted not like other kinds of lamps currently utilized you won’t end up needing to climb ladders just to exchange them quite as often. A good quality form of high power LED flood lights lasts up to 6 times much longer than conventional forms of lamps.


Benefit 2 – An additional advantage is that you are completing your part to conserve the environment as these form of lights don’t really need to make use of so much electric power to produce the luminosity that they emit. Moreover they don’t generate the same levels of heat pollution in comparison to other forms of lighting fixture. So as a result you are actually contributing to lessen the amount of carbon pollutions your home is producing.


Benefit 3 – Although the majority of homes today will tend to use electricity to energize their LED flood lights there are some other steps in which they can be powered. If you really desire to do your part for the natural environment then consider making an investment in the types that are energized through solar energy.


Benefit 4 – Along with these types of light bulbs precisely being incredibly easy to set up in many ways they use the same types of connections as conventional incandescent bulbs do. You will also see that they do not come with any of the troubles usually find when you choose to utilize fluorescent flood lights instead.


Benefit 5 – Absolutely everyone of the high power LED flood lights you can obtain today are fixed with a diode rather than with a filament or full with inert gas. As a result these aren’t actually any types of gases into the air that could turn out to be damaging to someone’s health.


Benefit 6 – As well as these forms of lamps truly distributing a much brighter as well as whiter light. They also are able to brighten up an area adjoining them simpler and easier. Along with the precise emitted light that is capable to brighten up an even wider expanse. Consequently rather than having to set up numerous flood lights around your home you may see that 2 or 3 of the high power LED flood lights on offer nowadays will provide ample brightness.


In this article we have indicated just some of the positive aspects of mounting good quality high power LED flood light bulbs at your home. When it comes to their set up you should make sure that you position them around 8 to 10 feet off the ground to be sure that the light they discharge will then be shining downwards steeply so ensuring that they shine light on to an even larger area.

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Green DIY Energy.avi

Green DIY Energy………… Click Here For More Information “THE SECRET OF BUILDING YOUR OWN SOLAR ENERGY “

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Christians Earth Day

Christians Earth Day

Earth day is coming soon (4/22/09). This month we have Easter as well…so it got me thinking. How should Christians respond to Earth day?

First, I think we need to keep it all in perspective. Yes, we are to be good stewards of the planet. However, we are not to be earth “worshipers.” The earth is just another thing in our lives that God wants us to be a good steward with. Yes, it is important…However, Jesus Christ and His shed Blood is much more important. Saving souls should be above saving polar bears. You know what I mean?

So, do I think Christian’s should celebrate Earth Day?

Sure. Just make sure you have this whole eco, green planet stuff in perspective. Make sure that you are lined up with the Word and that God is your priority and His will. Do not let being green override sharing the Love of Christ and your true God-given purpose.

All that said, I thought it would be cool to add some fun stuff to do for earth day…

Earth Day Activities:

Plant a tree. This could be a fun family project.

Recycle. Take those cans you have been saving and turn them in.

Make the whole day green. Make eco choices all day long.

Clean up. Take your family to the park and clean up the junk left by others.

Make a point to add more green. Add at least one more green activity to your life.

Go on a nature walk. Enjoy the beautiful environment that God created for you.

Organic. Visit your local Ma and Pa farmer and shop for some earth friendly stuff.

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About the Author: Cindy Taylor is a Christian stay at home Mom who love the Lord and cares about God’s planet. You can see her passion and writing at her website, Green Christian Network (

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Discover How to Create Your Own Solar Panels These days electricity is becoming very expensive that is why more and more people are now switching over to solar energy which helps you to produce electricity in a safe and convenient way. Solar power which uses the sun’s energy to produce electricity is very useful for the humans because it helps us in generating pure and cheap electricity even at homes. For this conversion of energy into electricity, we use photovoltaic (PV) procedure. Initially the installation cost of such solar plants was very high but with the change in technology, the cost has been extensively reduced. In this article, I would mainly like to give you some very important tips that would help you to build solar panels for generating electricity. 1. Consider the location of your house For making good solar panels, it is very essential for you to consider the location of your house. The direction of the panels can depend a lot on the hemisphere you live in. People living in the northern hemisphere should have south facing solar-panels because it will help them to capture the maximum amount of sunlight regularly. People living in the southern hemisphere should install the panels in the northern direction. 2. Essential things you need for the installation Some very important things that you need for building solar panels are UV-ray protective varnish, Caulking gun, Plywood sheeting, Silicon caulk, Wire cutters, Soldering iron gun, Volt meter, Plexiglas cutters, Paint brush, Solder

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