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Discover How to Create Your Own Solar Panels These days electricity is becoming very expensive that is why more and more people are now switching over to solar energy which helps you to produce electricity in a safe and convenient way. Solar power which uses the sun’s energy to produce electricity is very useful for the humans because it helps us in generating pure and cheap electricity even at homes. For this conversion of energy into electricity, we use photovoltaic (PV) procedure. Initially the installation cost of such solar plants was very high but with the change in technology, the cost has been extensively reduced. In this article, I would mainly like to give you some very important tips that would help you to build solar panels for generating electricity. 1. Consider the location of your house For making good solar panels, it is very essential for you to consider the location of your house. The direction of the panels can depend a lot on the hemisphere you live in. People living in the northern hemisphere should have south facing solar-panels because it will help them to capture the maximum amount of sunlight regularly. People living in the southern hemisphere should install the panels in the northern direction. 2. Essential things you need for the installation Some very important things that you need for building solar panels are UV-ray protective varnish, Caulking gun, Plywood sheeting, Silicon caulk, Wire cutters, Soldering iron gun, Volt meter, Plexiglas cutters, Paint brush, Solder

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DIY Solar System – A Clean, Green Energy Source

DIY or Do-It-Yourself is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. It is not uncommon to find people taking things such as home improvement , repairs, etc. into their own hands. For some, it can be a hobby. For others, a necessity borne out of the high cost associated with hiring professionals.

One of the major areas where DIY is fast becoming is solar power . Equipping a house with a solar system can be very costly if you decide to go with professionals. For this reason, many people find that a DIY solar system offers them a lot of value for money. While a professionally installed solar system can cost anything from 20,000$ to 50,000$, a DIY solar system will cost nearly 1% of this amount.

The key thing when making a DIY solar system is to look for a high quality solar system guide. Solar panels and solar generators can be a bit difficult to fit, even for the experienced DIY enthusiast. A quality DIY solar system guide will walk you through the entire process of making your home environment friendly through solar power.

Because of the impending energy crisis and the ecological issues associated with traditional fuel sources, the interest in renewable, clean sources of energy has increased manifold. Hence, you can easily find several DIY solar system guidebooks on the market today. However, not all of them are of the same quality. A lot of DIY solar electricity books were written hastily, intended to make a fast buck off a popular trend. Their directions offer no real insight into the building of solar panels, and will leave you wanting more. Therefore, choosing the right guide is essential if you desire to successfully equip your home with solar power.

Solar energy is the wave of the future – a clean, renewable power source that is available everywhere and has no costs related with it. Turning your home to utilize solar power would save you tons of cash and help decrease your carbon footprint.

To read opinion of consumers and review visit DIY Solar System review page.


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Solar Energy Risks To Health

Solar electricity is a potential source of free water and electricity heating. It offers the power to enjoy electric power in remote areas of the planet. It appears to supply H&S with power, but does it?

Solar energy health risks are infrequently discussed. That could be partly because of the limited use of this source of power. It might also be down to the absence of research in this area. Some have started to study solar electricity health risks and if one researches long enough, one or two guesses are available.

Thermal Solar Energy Health Risks

Solar energy health risks are inherent to the design and installation of most thermal energy systems. These are the systems designed to heat water and air for household use.

Solar water heaters complete three basic operations before delivering hot water to your faucet or your heating unit:

1. Collect daylight and change it into heat energy.
2. Circulate liquids that transfer the heat energy to a storage unit
3. Store the hot water till you need it

The solar electricity health risks with such a system generally happen in the storage units. Some units make allowance for the growth of allergenic molds and fungi.

If proper materials are used for the storage unit, however, these solar energy systems present few, if any, health risks. Their advantages are that they are far safer than most fossil fuels or nuclear power – they have no emissions and do not pollute the air.

PV Panel solar power Health Risks

The solar electricity health risks related to photovoltaic ( PV ) panels happens before the panels are put into use on the customer’s home. PV panels are the panels used to gather solar electricity from daylight and change it into serviceable electricity.

The make of PV panels needs the employment of damaging materials. Silicon dioxide is mined from sand or quartzite and reduced with heat to pure silicon. Materials released during refining are the main health risks . Many steps in forming the photovoltaic cells employ dangerous materials. These are sprayed on the cells, and can instantaneously be breathed.

It is ascertained that solar electricity health hazards related to producing PV panels per unit energy might be between eleven and twenty-one deaths per quadrillion joules of energy produced.

Solar energy health risks from PV panels are very slight once the panels are produced and installed on the consumer’s home. This type of solar energy is known for reliability and low maintenance. The home owner seldom needs to be involved in any repairs, and thereby cuts solar energy health risks.

Passive Solar Energy Health Risks

Passive solar energy provides safety and health. A new building that maximizes this technology can reduce energy costs by nearly one half. How?

1. Warming indoor air in a place thru vertical, slanted windows facing the sun. The windows capture maximum solar power from the sunlight.
2. Picking up solar electricity in adobe or stone walls and floors, and then releasing it into the air as the temperature falls.
3. Collecting solar power in a sun space, very similar to a greenhouse built on the bright side of the home. This heat is sent into the home with correct ventilation.
4. Holding water in black roof tanks till required, cutting the working time of the home’s hot water heater.
5. Using clerestories rows of windows near roof tops that catch daylight and bounce it thru the building. The daylight decreases the requirement for electrical lights.

In Summary

Solar energy technologies present few, if any, health hazards for the consumer. Their use can reduce the possible risks to health presented by other sources of energy, providing cleaner, safer, cheaper energy.

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Evans D. Smith

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Why Using Solar Power For Your Residence Shoots Your Power Bills Down

Does Using The Sun For Power Make Sense?

The rapid deterioration of the environment may cause our Earth’s resources to be overly depleted if immediate measures are not taken. Using Solar Power Energy Systems is a cost-effective way to maximize the planet’s natural resources without causing harmful effects, the fruition of which will be seen in the decades to come.

While having residential solar power set up in your home may be more expensive up-front, you will realize that you eventually save a lot more in the long term. Some reports even say that you can actually cut your electricity bill by 80 percent by using residential solar power.

Beyond the immediate savings that solar light or solar heating gives your family, the whole planet is benefited when you look at the big picture. Residential Solar Power Panels do a great job in helping slow down the effects of global warming, and solar electricity also reduces pollution. Because solar panels don’t create toxic chemicals or gases as a result of using renewable energy, it aids the prevention of further pollution to our planet.

These Earth-friendly innovations are great because they tend to last for a long time. SInce residential solar power is built to last 25 – 40 years, once set up and running, you’ll be good to go for a very long time. This is why it’s such a great idea to have solar panels for homes.

What most people don’t realize is that they themselves can set up their own solar power systems at home, and that the materials they need to do so may not be far from their reach, but just lying around in some parts of the house, waiting to be used! If you’re unsure of how to install a residential solar power system, don’t worry because one or more of your friends will know how, and if not, you can always approach your local hardware store to do it for you. Perhaps a good start would be using a solar water heater. Solar hot water doesn’t damage or pollute the environment, making it a good example of the earth-friendly resources that you can use.

A lot of people hold back from installing their own home solar panels as this idea can be very daunting, especially if they are new to it. However, given the proper guidance and information, setting up solar panel systems is a lot easier than most people think and can be done in most households.

Yes, even though it may be costly to invest in residential solar power, the benefits are well worth the investment. Not only does your family benefit from a gradual lowering of the cost of your electricity bills, but the planet is also spared from the harmful effects of toxic chemicals and gases that eventually will affect everyone on the planet.

If you’re looking for a low cost yet effective way of setting up your own solar power systems at home, we’ve reviewed several products for your benefit. To build a solar and wind power generator in your own backyard for less than $200, check out our Earth4Energy review.

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Benefits for Residential Solar Power

Residential Solar Power

As soon as you hear of solar electricity what is that which strikes you first? It is our sun. So, solar electricity is electricity which is derived from the power of the sun. We all know that immediately there is a huge crisis of non-renewable energy sources.

Residential Solar Power

As a result of that, more and more people are opting for alternative sources of energy which will help run the world just the same. Residential Solar Power has originated as the most important of all alternative energy sources that man has thought about and so the big secrecy in opting for solar electricity over accustomedl forms of electricity.

Solar electricity has become all the more popular because it offers a wide range of good options and benefits to the people who use it. It is true that solar electricity may not be very effective in running buses or cars but when you focus on domestic use, residential solar power is the most beneficial. You can benefit for its efficiency for many resons, one is the cost factor.

True that the early investment in the system is kind of expensive but considering the fact that it can run sleekly and with minimum maintenance for more than thirty years at a stretch, the cost is nothing. Additionally, the set up will pay for itself in about five year’s time. I say this because in any average house the total cumulative of monthly electricity bills for five years is more than the cost of the solar power system, if it was installed by a third party company, but if you installed your own residential solar power system the cost will be far less.

It is also a hundred percent environment friendly accessory. This means that residential solar power actually helps you keep your planet green for a longer period of time by not adding to all the pollution that is happening all around. Furthermore, it is a source of energy which will work even when the electric lines are down. You can imagine that, during a storm trees are uprooted and all the electric cables get torn.

At such a time, people using electricity from the state board for electricity will flag and have no energy in their homes. Anyhow, you who are using residential solar power, will have light in your house because you are not connected to these cables. So, practically, solar power has more advantege than the state electricity board.

Moreover, as I said earlier, you can build your own residential solar power provider and reduce the expenditure behind your solar panels effectively. You can then use this system to heat water, cook food, do your laundry, dry your clothes, light your entire house as well as run your favorite channels in the television.

Now, isn’t that great? So get rid of your electricity subscription and go for Residential Solar Power today!.

You can learn more about how to become an independent energy producer at Solar Power Lights visit us now!

Start taking positive action today nearing your economy and planet and you will be dazed just how things can be improved and changed.

A. Arvizu

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