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Make a Solar Powered Charger

Get the shirts: Facebook: Buy a solar panel here: For this to work you will need a 6v Solar Panel and a Female USB connector. Solder the USB connector to the negative and positive contact points on the Solar Panel and you are ready to go. It is really that simple. You may not want to leave the phone or Mp3 player plugged in at night because the power may drain out of the phone when no light is present. This is because we did not regulate the current of power. See you soon!

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Do Solar Power Kits Make Sense For Your Home?

With increasingly expensive electric bills, many families are feeling the pain of financial constraints. Sometimes, it feels like we have to pay for the electricity we use simply because we have no choice. But there are more options available for energy sources today, and families are becoming aware of them. More families are now creating electricity for their own use away from the power grid with the increasing popularity of renewable energy! Renewable energy sources, like solar power energy, is one of the more commonly used forms of power commonly used by many families. Solar power may be used to power small appliances like a solar charger, a set of solar batteries and a solar water heater. Residential Solar power kits are now being installed in homes and this makes them their own solar power generator. Generating solar energy for the home is now possible with several solar power kits available on the market. Solar power for home use is now available for you.

Solar power can be very easily understood. How solar power works is through the simple process where a solar panel made of mirrors and photovoltaic (PV) cells concentrates, captures and converts light into direct current which you and your family can then utilize as electricity for your appliances. Molten salts are also used as part of the storage mechanisms in these systems. PV cells convert the heat trapped in these salts into energy when the sun isn’t available. This makes conveniences like solar light and solar heating available for use even at night.

Making your house a solar power home presents a lot of benefits for your family’s finances and the environment. You can save a lot of money from your electric utility bills when using solar power systems because of the abundant and readily available energy source. When you utilize solar power for your home, you are doing your part in preserving the environment because renewable energy is also a clean source of energy.

Solar power kits, which are very easy to build, can be used to get your feet wet in the creating your first solar power system. The materials you need to build your own solar or wind power system are usually available in most of the kits you can get in the market. Many manuals in the Internet provide easy to follow instructions. To help the user build their own solar power system at home, some manuals even have illustrations in full color!

Solar panel installation has been made easier with solar power kits that have been designed to cater for ordinary people. Whether you are technically inclined or not, some solar kits have promised to make solar panel installation easy for you. Some of these manuals include supplier’s contact detail to tell you where to get cheap solar panels without sacrificing quality.

Installing solar power kits for your house has a myriad of benefits financially and environmentally. Renewable energy systems are going to become even more popular now with solar power kits that make it easy to build your own solar power generator.

Helping you find the best manuals to show you how you can build your own solar power generator under $200, we have put together reviews of various products like Earth4Energy, Energy2Green, Free Energy Options and more. For find out which is the top recommended product, check out

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Travelers Solar Panel, A Solar Charger That Packs The Punch

This green gadget has some grunt. [ ]. There’s solar chargers that’ll get solar power to a cell phone. There’s solar chargers that will power a laptop and then this… a solar panel and big battery that is hardy and strong. Who would like this: Campers and outdoor fans who need a solar energy source for gadgets. Traveling business people and boat owners who need to keep their gadgets charged. What eBay keywords can I use: solar, solar system, solar power, solar energy …

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This Is Green Product Review: Solar Battery Charger Editor Jorge Guerra takes a look at the Solar Battery Charger, which recharges your batteries conveniently by the power of the sun.

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