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DIY Solar System – A Clean, Green Energy Source

DIY or Do-It-Yourself is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. It is not uncommon to find people taking things such as home improvement , repairs, etc. into their own hands. For some, it can be a hobby. For others, a necessity borne out of the high cost associated with hiring professionals.

One of the major areas where DIY is fast becoming is solar power . Equipping a house with a solar system can be very costly if you decide to go with professionals. For this reason, many people find that a DIY solar system offers them a lot of value for money. While a professionally installed solar system can cost anything from 20,000$ to 50,000$, a DIY solar system will cost nearly 1% of this amount.

The key thing when making a DIY solar system is to look for a high quality solar system guide. Solar panels and solar generators can be a bit difficult to fit, even for the experienced DIY enthusiast. A quality DIY solar system guide will walk you through the entire process of making your home environment friendly through solar power.

Because of the impending energy crisis and the ecological issues associated with traditional fuel sources, the interest in renewable, clean sources of energy has increased manifold. Hence, you can easily find several DIY solar system guidebooks on the market today. However, not all of them are of the same quality. A lot of DIY solar electricity books were written hastily, intended to make a fast buck off a popular trend. Their directions offer no real insight into the building of solar panels, and will leave you wanting more. Therefore, choosing the right guide is essential if you desire to successfully equip your home with solar power.

Solar energy is the wave of the future – a clean, renewable power source that is available everywhere and has no costs related with it. Turning your home to utilize solar power would save you tons of cash and help decrease your carbon footprint.

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Photovoltaic Shingles Becoming Fashionable to Those Who Don’t Like Solar Panels

Photovoltaic shingles are the newest and quite intriguing employment of solar panel technologies to hit the renewable power industry in many years. Solar power is speedily becoming the renewable energy choice for a lot of house owners and several new products have been released to make installing one of these simple systems less difficult.

Photovoltaic shingles are created to be installed on a house like regular shingles and do away with the need for much bigger, roof-mounted residential solar panels. They furnish the same functionality as regular residential solar panels that will do quite a cost-efficient job of converting sun light to solar power

This suitable for new development. It would be excellent if many new houses included photovoltaic shingles installed on them. Take into account the amount of clean electrical energy we all can generate. Plus think about the cost savings from the electrical company and on taxes connected with your power payment you’ll not have to pay.

These types of new photovoltaic shingles are made feasible by recent advancements in flexible solar panel technology that uses a different process for making the actual solar cells. Normal solar energy panels utilize silicon cells which are grown as fragile crystals over a week or more, then applied to a backing material and mounted in a weather resistant case for use.

The newer photovoltaic shingles are instead produced by applying a specialised silicon solution onto a flexible substrate and producing the solar cells right on the surface of the shingle. Once this material have been placed on the shingle, another protecting coating of transparent sealer is put onto the surface to safeguard the solar cells from the weather. These types of photovoltaic shingles are fashioned to look similar to standard shingles and are installed in the same way.

Not counting the cosmetic benefits of these newest photovoltaic shingles proved for a home, they are also even more stronger than a regular solar panel in several important ways. Simply because they’re installed on the roof directly, they can support more weight than a normal solar panel.

This will be significant in colder places where large snowfall may twist and crack a typical solar panel during the cold months of winter. They also lay flat to the roof, which eliminates the potential of damage from large wind gusts raising them from the roof. Traditional solar power panels have to be really strongly attached in places that experience high wind gusts and can still be destroyed over time by severe gusts.

One more advantage these photovoltaic shingles offer is hidden wiring. With traditional solar power panels, the wiring between the solar panels and the connection to the house is completed through a conduit that is attached to the roof and outside wall of the home.

This can be another unattractive aspect to standard solar panels. Because the photovoltaic shingles are installed flat on to the roof and their wires is passed through the roof itself and finished in the attic, there is no uncovered wires, which produces a more long lasting and aesthetically pleasing installation.

Since retrofitting a current house is even now cost prohibitive, look at making your own solar panels as a replacement. They should last you Twenty years or even more and with today’s technologies will want to pay you back again in less than 15 years.

For further information on photovoltaic shingles and how to make a solar panel

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No Comments Natural Living: Wilson Solar Home

the need to use fossil fuels for heating and cooling. Capture renewable energy from the sun and wind. Transform the power of sunlight and the wind into electricity. Convert renewable energy into electricity that can even run your electricity meter backwards. Reduce your need for heating energy by using smart windows and passive solar design. Reduce your energy needs by choosing efficient appliances and lighting. … green energy renewable power solar wind sustainable home house efficiency wilson …

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WindCube Animation

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