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DIY Solar System – A Clean, Green Energy Source

DIY or Do-It-Yourself is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. It is not uncommon to find people taking things such as home improvement , repairs, etc. into their own hands. For some, it can be a hobby. For others, a necessity borne out of the high cost associated with hiring professionals.

One of the major areas where DIY is fast becoming is solar power . Equipping a house with a solar system can be very costly if you decide to go with professionals. For this reason, many people find that a DIY solar system offers them a lot of value for money. While a professionally installed solar system can cost anything from 20,000$ to 50,000$, a DIY solar system will cost nearly 1% of this amount.

The key thing when making a DIY solar system is to look for a high quality solar system guide. Solar panels and solar generators can be a bit difficult to fit, even for the experienced DIY enthusiast. A quality DIY solar system guide will walk you through the entire process of making your home environment friendly through solar power.

Because of the impending energy crisis and the ecological issues associated with traditional fuel sources, the interest in renewable, clean sources of energy has increased manifold. Hence, you can easily find several DIY solar system guidebooks on the market today. However, not all of them are of the same quality. A lot of DIY solar electricity books were written hastily, intended to make a fast buck off a popular trend. Their directions offer no real insight into the building of solar panels, and will leave you wanting more. Therefore, choosing the right guide is essential if you desire to successfully equip your home with solar power.

Solar energy is the wave of the future – a clean, renewable power source that is available everywhere and has no costs related with it. Turning your home to utilize solar power would save you tons of cash and help decrease your carbon footprint.

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Some great benefits of photovoltaic lights

There are several benefits offered by photovoltaic lights, and in case you are not already aware about them then you will be, because you could be benefiting from all these positive aspects yourself.

Photovoltaic lights are usually exactly what their name indicates – lights that happen to be powered by the sun. They power up when the sun is out on them throughout the day, after which they can produce light in the entire night time the same as any light.

Benefits of photovoltaic lights

They are excellent for applications wherever a normal electric power resource is inaccessible and where accent lights are essential.

It is important to realize that although there are lots of rewards offered by these photovoltaic lights, they may not be perfect for all circumstances. They produce an intensive glow and give off beautiful shadowing around the surrounding areas, and so they are ideal for outside the house a home or lining a walkway.

Drawbacks of photovoltaic lights

For places that reguire a lot of lighting photovoltaic lights are usually often not the best alternative. And although it does not need to be sunny for the photovoltaic lights to work, you do require sufficient light to work.

Of course you’ll have to put money up initially in order to pay for the specific lamps, but they will more than pay themselves off within the first 12 months.

Save money with photovoltaic lights

It is obvious that the advantages are generally bigger then the drawbacks. Around the house in yards, gardens and  places where there is no regular power source photovoltaic led lights are the best choice. You will save money simply because you do not use normal electrical power plus they are no more expensive then typical yard lights.

You will notice the advantages offered by these low voltage garden lights immediately, and more than anything you will notice how much money you are saving by not having to use and pay for energy for your lights. Especially in your backyard and areas across the house where you don’t require a great deal of lighting, these lighting is best simply because they emit just the right amount of light and because they don’t cost you a penny.

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The Creation of Power

Man’s most outstanding achievements is the discovery of electrical energy. Technology has made it’s most advanced achievements using this power source Elecricity essentially is generated by burning other types of energy known as fossil fuels. More recently nuclear fission, vapour, and wind have been used as a source of energy. We now explore the different types of ways to produce electricity.

One system that’s used to make electricity is a large turbine. These require motion to produce power and there are a number of ways that this can be achieved.

The steam produced by burning either coal, gas or petroleum is sufficient to set in motion the turbines that will make electricity. This is done by using enourmous furnaces that heat huge amounts of water thereby producing vapour in the form of steam. Naturally the water is heated by the burning of either coal,gas or petroleum. This system however has adverse effects on the environment as carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere in large quantities creating pollution.

See alternative sources of domestic energy that can be used in order to curb the devastation of the earth and in copious quantities to provide for your future needs. The DIY Energy Review Guide

Another method that can be used to drive the turbines is water. Flowing water is diverted to a main body known as a dam. Electricity is then made when the water from the reservoir turns the blades that powers the generator. A far better environmentally friendly system because there are no giving off of toxic
elements into the atmosphere. However, it does badly damage the ecosystem of the water.

Around ninety percent of the energy produced using renewable resources comes by using water.

One of the most widely used ways of producing energy is wind energy. It is not necessary to own a large wind farm in order to exploit wind power, because homowners are embarking on their own diy projects to make domestic energy by using wind generators which reduces not only energy bills but lessens pollution in the environment too. This simple project captures the force of the wind to drive the propeller blades which then converts to electricity.

See The Project at: How To Build a Wind Generator

Portable versions can also be used as a cell phone charger.

Electricity can be produced using nuclear energy. This is done by splitting into atoms the uranium nuclei using neutrons. This produces heat that in turn converts water to vapour that moves the turbines that create electricity.

Power can also be produced from bio-gas. Human waste has recently been used and a technology advanced to create electricity.

To find out ways that you can also help lessen the impact on the environment whist reducing your energy bill visit: The Best How To Solar Panel Guide


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