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Green Planet Solutions – Veltia Handryer Video

An innovative, high speed system allows VELTIA to dry your hands in only 12 to 15 seconds, without wasting your time. The water removed from your hands drops into the hand dryer to help maintain cleaner facilities. Thanks to its drying speed and the fact there is no heating element, the Veltia can save up to 66% of power consumption compared to some regular hand dryers. Microban antibacterial protection is built into the Veltia during manufacture making it even more hygienic The Veltia will complement any washroom due to its wide variety of colours and attractive design.

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Implement Solar Panels for Home

Solar Power Lights

The use of solar panels for home is the future that awaits us. No more hook on central electricity for us, but rather the use of renewable sources of energy, you can make your own electricity overlooking the amount you think will suit your purpose best. As such you will be the captain of your energy and it will depend entirely on you how you enforce that energy. Already this separation from central electricity can be seen all over the world, from all Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, he US and in general all over.

This is a very anticipatedl direction in fact I think it is going to be so customary as cable and phone are right now…envision generating always you own power consumption! Solar Panels for home is the way of the future.

The use of solar panels for home is so trendy right now that it is hoped, within a few years time that most of the houses of the nations that are implementing this technology will run on solar energy. Every year more and more persons are aware of the current energy situation of the world,  and are opting for solar paneled energy to run their homes.

Now, why would you want to install and use solar panels for their indoor and household electricity needs? The bounds are many along with the crowd of benefits that one can gain from using solar panels for home.

* You will be in total supremacy of the power. No more depending on the electricity grid of your area to supply you with electricity, all the power you want will be under your control. That means, neither do you pay your electricity bills nor the added amount when you are distant for vacation and your house is not open. That saves you a lot of money as well as inconvenience and it is nothing in contrast to the improvements you will get from the use of solar panels for home.

* The sun is an exhaustible source of energy and will never be depleted no matter how much you use it. In fact if you do not use it then there is wastage of energy. Mostly the sun’s rays are nothing but streams of protons and these protons react with the atoms of the solar panels for home to restitute neutrons and hence give rise to a gush of electricity. So, you can distinguish how much electricity is being cast away everyday with every rising and setting of the sun.

* You can run almost all of the various house appliances on the power you derive from the solar panels. Whether it is heating water for bathing or cooking to drying your laundry, to lighting your house at night, solar power can empower your life in a very different and in a very big way.

* It is entirely environment friendly. There is no chance of any carbon emission or the production of boundless heat while using solar power. Its environment friendly factor is one of the main reasons why people are opting for the use of solar panels for home.

Thus what will you do? Go for a greener planet or spoil it all the more?

You can learn more about how to become an independent energy producer at Solar Power Lights visit us now!

Embark taking positive action today nearing your economy and planet and you will be amazed just how things can be mended and matured.

A. Arvizu

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The 2010 Ford Fusion Rocks

There has been a gaping hole in the mid-sized car segment from Ford with the loss of the Taurus a few years back.The Ford Fusion has been around since 2006 but is now modified with the new Hybrid power plant system from Ford.The 2008 Los Angeles Auto Show.  What makes this Ford so special is the excellent in-town gas mileage that the hybrid can get.  The EPA rates the Hybrid at 41 MPG which bests the Camry by 8 MPG and even outshines the Civic Hybrid by 1 MPG in the city;  a great feat for a mid-sized sedan.Without any help from the internal combustion engine, the electric engine can push the Fusion up to 47 MPH.It has been written about and this system has been used by many to get better MPG than the EPA says are possible.

New technology in the Hybrid allows the Fusion to teach drivers which driving style gets the best fuel economy.The Smart Gauge is a set of gauges built into the display.There are two displays on each side of the gauge cluster that show various hybrid info.  The first screen shows the fuel level and the level of power left in the batteries.  The second data screen adds an electric vehicle mode indicator and RPM Tach.  The third screen displays engine and battery output power.The fouth data screen shows which wheels are being powered and accessory power consumption.Information Displays reveal fuel consumption, Miles Per Gallon account, journey record, and antifreeze levels.Best fuel economy can be gauged through real time MPG information showing the driver which driving style is best.

The nav screen shows the Hybrid Energy Flow data.  This display will track the 5 modes of the Fusion’s Hybrid Powertrain which are the; electric drive, hybrid drive, electric boost, idle charging, and regenerative breaking.

The Fusion represents the first eco car to use recycle materials in the construction os the interior.Tired of watching Toyota and Honda benifit off new hybrid vehicles, Ford decided to add a new hybrid vehicle to their line-up that will apeal to the masses.

Check out the inventory at Huntington Beach Ford today.  Or view a cool video and review of the Ford Fusion Hybrid brought to you by your Orange County Ford Dealer. Or check out a great bunch of Atlanta Acura Dealers.

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Dell PowerEdge Servers Receive EPA Energy Star Rating

Dell’s Daniel Bounds discusses the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Energy Star specification for servers. The efficiency requirements are a positive step in creating an industry standard to help reduce power consumption. Dell’s new 11th generation of PowerEdge servers are among the first to receive the rating.

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