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The green woman gives a complete overview of how works. She explains how, by using the website, people can influence the companies and brands that make the products that they buy every day in a more eco-friendly, healthy, and more socially responsible manner. Users can make food, health and beauty, household, baby, and pet products more sustainable by going to to find green ratings, rate and review products, encourage companies to participate, and join advocacy and organizational groups to support universities, cities, non-profits, and schools. Join to support and influence sustainable brands, and make your shopping experience more green.

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How To Choose Organic Skin And Beauty Products Do you eat organic food, but never think twice about the chemicals in the personal care products you use on your skin? It’s not easy to find organic skin care and beauty products, but environmentalist and author Anna Lappe has expert tips. How To Choose Organic Skin And Beauty Products You may be unpleasantly surprised to learn that unlike food there is no government certified labeling program for organic ingredients in skin care and beauty products. So how can you tell …

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Organic Gardening Tips You Should Know

Regular gardening and organic gardening are not all that different other than the chemicals such as pesticides are not used with organic plants. Organic gardening is very simple.  Those who practice organic gardening only use products that are safe and all natural.

Organic gardening has quickly become extraordinarily popular, and in fact a large majority of people around the world are now eating organic food. The advantages of organic food are so amazing that it’s a wonder we all haven’t gone organic.

No matter if you are just a beginner or an expert, there are some organic gardening tips that everyone can use. These organic gardening tips are going to be very useful to you.


One of the most important organic gardening tips is to use compost. The reason for this being one of the most important organic gardening tips is because of how much it affects your plants. Compost will improve soil structure, texture, and aeration, all which will greatly affect how well or poorly your plants grow.

Compost is also used in regular gardening and is considered as being one of the best vegetable gardening tips.

Seek out Alternatives

One of the best organic gardening tips concerns chemical fertilizers and the natural alternatives to them. You will be taking great care of your plants and the environment by using an effective inorganic fertilizer rather than those full of chemicals.

These are just a few of a multitude of organic gardening tips. A great idea is for you to obtain as many tips as possible, get educated about organic gardening, and learn all the new and old ideas you can put into practice.

Organic gardening is really a wonderful thing, and more and more people are getting involved with it all the time. We as a nation are beginning to realize the incredulous benefits that organic foods offer us and how pointless it really is to use so many chemicals on such a regular basis when we really don’t need to at all. You can even prepare homemade recipes that will work on your plants.  Discovering more vegetable gardening tips can be even more helpful now.

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What is the meaning of the term, Organic food?

when it comes to organic eggs and milk and cheese and all that other good stuff..are the chickens and cows treated any better? or is it just what they feed them that makes the food organic??

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