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Ocean Inspired Eyes (Blue & Green) using Palladio Beauty Products

This is an ocean inspired look using Palladio Beauty Group products. The camera doesn’t do these colors justice at all because I recorded this video at night and didn’t have great lighting! 🙁 EYES: Palladio Shadow & Liner Herbal Crayon – Black Pearl Palladio Baked Eyeshadows – Teal, Green Apple, Champagne Toast, Denium Palladio Eye Ink Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner – Black L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara – Black CHEEKS: Sonia Kashuk Beauifying Blush – Melon LIPS: Ulta Lipcolor – Sheer Apricot Thanks for watching! Krystal aka MakeupNme DISCLAIMER: All products mentioned in this video were purchased by me unless otherwise stated. The only item I received for free was the Palladio Eye Ink for review purposes.

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Some great benefits of photovoltaic lights

There are several benefits offered by photovoltaic lights, and in case you are not already aware about them then you will be, because you could be benefiting from all these positive aspects yourself.

Photovoltaic lights are usually exactly what their name indicates – lights that happen to be powered by the sun. They power up when the sun is out on them throughout the day, after which they can produce light in the entire night time the same as any light.

Benefits of photovoltaic lights

They are excellent for applications wherever a normal electric power resource is inaccessible and where accent lights are essential.

It is important to realize that although there are lots of rewards offered by these photovoltaic lights, they may not be perfect for all circumstances. They produce an intensive glow and give off beautiful shadowing around the surrounding areas, and so they are ideal for outside the house a home or lining a walkway.

Drawbacks of photovoltaic lights

For places that reguire a lot of lighting photovoltaic lights are usually often not the best alternative. And although it does not need to be sunny for the photovoltaic lights to work, you do require sufficient light to work.

Of course you’ll have to put money up initially in order to pay for the specific lamps, but they will more than pay themselves off within the first 12 months.

Save money with photovoltaic lights

It is obvious that the advantages are generally bigger then the drawbacks. Around the house in yards, gardens and  places where there is no regular power source photovoltaic led lights are the best choice. You will save money simply because you do not use normal electrical power plus they are no more expensive then typical yard lights.

You will notice the advantages offered by these low voltage garden lights immediately, and more than anything you will notice how much money you are saving by not having to use and pay for energy for your lights. Especially in your backyard and areas across the house where you don’t require a great deal of lighting, these lighting is best simply because they emit just the right amount of light and because they don’t cost you a penny.

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6 Watt Solar Panel 2 Watt LED Light Emitting Diode Indoor Outdoor Lighting This is a direct solar to lighting application using a very efficient LED bulb setup. The Solar Panel is a very small 6 watt Amorphous Cell. Solar Training Solar Career Options.

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LED Car Lights Set To Outshine Standard Bulbs

When someone has made the switch to LED headlights from standard bulbs, you can spot them a mile off by the clear and pure white light that is being emitted from their car. These light have seeing exponential sales recently and are more popular than they have ever been. but how and why are they so good?

Firstly the quality of light they produce is much higher, which aids driving. Wolfgand Huhn, Audi’s lighting exert said recently “everyone who has seen these lights in action is not only astonished by the excellent output but also thrilled with the homogenous distribution of light and the agreeable, daylight-esque colour of the light.”

The LED’s are much more efficient than older standard bulbs.  The average energy consumption of the lights in a car using normal bulbs is around 200w while a car fitted with the new LED obstruction light will only demand around 15watt of power.This essentially means that your battery gets a bit of a break and fuel usage can actually drop. This is turn reduces CO2 emissions and goes some way to helping the planet.Your finances are likely to benefit too from the LED lights as not only are you saving money on fuel but also you’re likely to need never change the bulbs.

Lastly, these innovative lights will act to increase driving safety. They react up to 10 times faster than traditional incandescent bulbs or obstruction lights and their purer light makes seeing hazards easier. The lights will not let you down when it matters because their durability makes bulb failure very rare indeed. Now that the new lights are being used for both high and low beams, and even indicator lights and licence plate illuminators, their benefits are now able to be multiplied.

For Hellerman Tyton Multicore Cables visit Aerco

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Where to Buy Cheap & Make Awesome Green Screen – Chroma key

In this part one of a three part tutorial we show a basic chroma key setup with lighting and chroma key backgrounds (plastic, muslins, Chroma key suit and paint). I tell you where I found affordable green screen Chroma key products on my search of the web. You can visit Tubetapes website at the link below: These guys are great! So go check them out! I love their stuff!

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