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The green woman gives a complete overview of how works. She explains how, by using the website, people can influence the companies and brands that make the products that they buy every day in a more eco-friendly, healthy, and more socially responsible manner. Users can make food, health and beauty, household, baby, and pet products more sustainable by going to to find green ratings, rate and review products, encourage companies to participate, and join advocacy and organizational groups to support universities, cities, non-profits, and schools. Join to support and influence sustainable brands, and make your shopping experience more green.

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Make a Solar Powered Charger

Get the shirts: Facebook: Buy a solar panel here: For this to work you will need a 6v Solar Panel and a Female USB connector. Solder the USB connector to the negative and positive contact points on the Solar Panel and you are ready to go. It is really that simple. You may not want to leave the phone or Mp3 player plugged in at night because the power may drain out of the phone when no light is present. This is because we did not regulate the current of power. See you soon!

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Home Backup Generator – How Do I Know What Size.

Millions of people use standby generators in their homes as a source of emergency power.  Every household should have one.  They are easy to buy and there are some very good deals available, take your time choosing.

It’s not until you lose power that you realise how paralysed you become.  Your investment will pay you back over many years. as long as you just do basic simple maintenance on your home generator, There is a lot of choice and availability out there.

Switching on an appliance in a power cut needs lots more power than when the appliance is up and running.
Electrical items need a surge of power just to get them going.
Much like humans really! Make sure all your appliances are not on when you turn on your generator. Turn them on separately.
This can really cut down on the size of generator you will need.

It’s important to round up not down when you are calculating the size that you need. So if you think you need a 1900w generator, get a 2000-watt. This allows for exansion and will allow for things you did not think of like when your wife has to have hair dryers during the emergency! Best to be prepared.

Get a certified professional to advise if you are in doubt.  He or she will just ask a couple of simple questions and then advise.  This is free do not pay for this information. Always write down the appliance you will most likely want to use during a mains power outage. Then work out the wattage needs of these appliances. Check out the suppliers recommendations.

They will all usually have this information readily available, they can offer some expert advice. The only thing you really have to have is an idea of the appliances you want to run on the portable generator. Do not forget to take into account the cost of replacing all food in your freezer in your financial calculation. So many people make this mistake.

Get more help and advice on generators here

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Everyday products found in every home contain harmful toxins that cause an array of symptoms including headaches, rashes, breathing difficulties and in the worse of circumstances cancer or even death. These chemicals can often be found in your household cleaning and bleaching products, in your personal care products, and even in your beverages, including water. By choosing organic/green products you are choosing a healthy way of life for you and your family. By pursuing the advocacy of Green Living you not only live your desired healthy lifestyle but you get the full benefit of earning from it too! The following video presentation of ORGANIC/ ECO-FRIENDLY HOME CARE PRODUCTS are our best alternative to chemical and synthetic-based products:

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Dangerous Household Cleaning Products Part 2 Green Household Cleaning Products Solution

Dangerous Household Cleaning Products Part 1 Green Household Cleaning Products Solution was posted to educate people on the dangers lurking in their home. CBC Marketplace conducted an investigation about the dangerous household cleaning products commonly found in homes throughout the world. The dangerous household cleaning products contain highly toxic chemicals. Most people believe they are creating a safe, healthy environment for their children but unfortunately unknown to them they are …

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