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The GoodOnYa Bar: organic bar at 25% off

Buy at 25% off here: The GoodOnYa Bar is a gluten free organic energy bar that is great for breakfast and as a snack before/after the gym or exercising. Their new gluten free version is delicious and you’ll get fulfilled just by eating half of one bar. It’s one of the best organic energy bars I’ve seen simply because of their ingredients. Founded by the principle that “every ingredient matters” GoodOnYa bars have nothing less than a great taste and great ingredients list. Our of their three different bars, the one with the least amount of raw ingredients is 55% on the peanut butter chocolate bar. The nutritional information is also great, an average of 7 grams of fiber, 8 grams of protein and 22 grams of carbs. Every single ingredient of this organic energy bar is organic, they’re so good and go above and beyond in so many ways that they even won the Ecobold Awards for best food company. What also helped them win is their commitment to the planet and its people. GoodOnYa is a Green Certified Business, they’ve banned plastics from the company, they recycle at work, they use local vendors as often as possible and are members of several environmental foundations and non-GMO associations. There are three flavors to choose from: breakfast, peanut butter and peanut butter dark chocolate. Make sure to place a note under notes to seller Don’t forget to get it at our discount price of 25% off your order! Highlights: – Soy-free – No fillers – Dairy-free – GMO-free

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Small Gardens And Growing Fruit Trees

Almost monthly we find that we are being fed a new exercise, or diet, plan targeted specifically to encourage us to alter the way in which we live.

It is true that we all need to examine our current behaviour with a view to eating a reasonable amountĀ  more vegetables and fresh fruit and exercising more often. One thing we may want to do is to think about growing 1 or 2 fruit trees in our backyard. However, as most backyards are only rather small places, it is highly likely that you may be somewhat restricted in what you can do.

Most of us understand well that organic vegetables and fruit are incredibly better for us than the alternatives however the added cost is commonly too much. We also understand that the more fresh the vegetable is theĀ  more vitamins and minerals it will have. By growing our own fruit trees it is possible for us to cultivate organic fruit at a much lower cost also, because it can be harvested immediately before use, such fruit is also at its freshest.

The vast majority of us reside in an urban environment where it is common to have backyards which leave only an immensely small area in which to grow a garden. Such gardens are largely unsuitable for large mature trees which can, eventually be the cause of a number of problems. The roots can force themselves into foundations, branches can force themselves against walls and windows and they also restrict the sunlight. The most obvious problem is that such a large item in a small yard will clearly appear silly.

Even in the smallest of gardens something immensely wonderfull can be created. Professional gardeners can create the most wonderful plans but, with a a fair amount of effort and time, it is possible to do this yourself. To do it correctly you will need to read up a little to understand which are the best shrubs, trees and plants to grow and the best way to use them.

If you have a really small yard the inclusionaddition of a fruit tree will add interest and beauty. In the spring the tree will be smothered in amazing looking, and gorgeous smelling, blossom. By the time of fall the tree will be full of ripe fruit ready to pick. Even in the winter a fruit tree can still look very interesting and such a tree can be a focal point.

It is now possible to buy dwarf fruit tree types, these are created by grafting the main stem of a fruit tree to specific dwarf root stock. Modern dwarf root stock, such as M9, is more reliable than older types of dwarf root stock. M9 root stock can cause a fruit tree to develop incredibly small but still able to produce much more fruit.

Modern compact fruit trees can be cultivated in small yards as the dwarf variety produces a large amount of fruit from the tinniest of bushes. A dwarf fruit tree will not often be larger than 1.8m high but the amount of growth can be reduced a little further by cultivating it in a container. By following a perfectly planned pruning regime you can restrict the growth while retaining a aesthetic structure.

Amongst the most useful of fruit trees for the landscape gardener with only a little yard, is the spur apple tree. While the tree can still grow to roughly 1.8m in height it has such an upright habit that it often looks rather strange covered in a multitude of ripened apples.

Besides as apple trees there are dwarf varieties of fruit tree such as pears, plums, cherries, nectarines, figs and more.

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