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DIY Solar Panel 1

How to make solar panels. You’ll need: Solar Cells (The 0.5 volt / 3.6 Amp type) Soldering Iron 2 x Perspex sheets at least 3mm thick EVA material Araldite or silicon sealant Heat Gun / Hair Dryer Material for spacer ‘beading’ This part will be covering the soldering, wire connections and EVA applying to the solar panels. The cells are wired up in a series configuration resulting in a theoretical 8 volts from 16 cells. However in extreme sunshine this can result in a 10 volt reading. Please Rate and Sub for more videos 🙂 Cost for all materials was approx £40.

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Anxiety Attack Cure – There Is An Answer, And Totally Drug Free

Looking for a panic cure without drugs? You may not believe me but there is a cure and I can show you. Eventually, after a lot of trial & error, I found one.

If you get any relief from drugs it may only be for a short period of time. I haven’t even mentioned any possible side effects. So it’s clearly important to discover a natural cure for panic attacks.

Click here for medication free, side effect free anxiety cure

There are many different potential side effects. One particular drug used for panic attacks can actually cause depression. What’s that all about?

It’s actually quite well known that anxiety attacks are more a mental than physical problem. Please know that I’m not trying to make them sound any less harmful. But they are as people say “all in the head”.

If it’s all in the head then the cure must surely also be all in the head. When I say that, I mean we have it (the cure) in our heads already. We just need to be shown how to use it properly.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could see a panic attack coming before it took hold? You can then put your method into action against the attack. And the result is the attack doesn’t even get chance to start. And you move on like nothing happened.

Sounds too good to be true. This time it isn’t, it’s reality and thousands if not millions of people will be able to do this easily. All it takes is a bit of learning and practise and you have your panic cure.

You can get these techniques now, on the web. In just ten short minutes you could be learning the techniques. Couple days later you could be on your way to being panic attack free.

What now? Carry on suffering. Frightened that at any moment you could be in a panic attacks vice like grip. Or make a stand and get hold of a method that will let you finally be panic attack free.

Follow this link – panic cure – and learn how to get panic free.

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How To Build A Solar Panel – Part 15 – School Series Part 2

Visit to view the full video. In this video I’m going over the following topics -What is current and voltage and how those two work together. -How current flows throughout the solar panel we built in these series of videos. -How Ohm’s Law works, and how to use different equations from Ohm’s Law. -Why I needed an analog amp meter for my syste. -Proving that the amps is what is effected when you break a solar cell and not the voltage.

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Tax Credit 2009 & Replacement Window Companies

If you want to make use the tax credit passed by congress not very long ago then take a few minutes to go through this article. I will mention some important facts to consider when dealing with a contractor.

Some of the topics I have previously written about on this series include:window replacement companies, energy saving replacement windows companies and house window company.

Some replacement window firms will not assist you understand the tax credit benefit when planning on replacing your windows. This article has been written to try and help you understand the concept so that you can get the best deal from your contractor.

The tax credit benefit passed to people who install energy efficient windows has always been there. However, recently the benefit was tripled to 30% of the cost of an energy efficient window. This is also applicable to doors but my focus is mainly on windows for now.

What this means is that when picking out the replacement windows for your home you have to pick carefully. Usually replacement window companies play a significant role in helping homeowners in this regard hence the need to get the right contractor.

Some of the you should know include the specific conditions that qualify a window as energy efficient. This includes, the new energy start certification, the U-Factor, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC), NFRC Rating and more. NFRC stands for National Fenestration Rating Council. One thing I should mentionhere is that if a window does not have the NFRC sticker then in most cases it is unlikely to be energy efficient.

When dealing with replacement window companies or contractors, always ask them to show you the sticker. If they cannot do so don’t buy their recommended window and do not employ their services. There are many more conrtacrors that you can find and hire. So to make use the tax credit benefit in 2009 you need to be a clever shopper.

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DIY Homemade 12V to 48V DC-DC Converter Solar Panel Battery Electric Bike eBike Charger PC Board

This circuit converts 12V DC from solar panel and battery storage system and produces 48V DC (60V) to charger the battery pack in my DAYMAK Austin electric bike. Faster charge than OEM charger. Great for someone driving an RV from campground to campground with an e bike on the back for short trips once they get to their destination. This circuit will keep the batteries fully charged and ready to go. You can also use this with a 12V battery charger charger if you original charger has given up …

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