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Keeping your uninterruptible power supply uninterruptible

These devices and batteries do need some degree of looking after in order it provide an uninterruptible power source to your home computer, workstation or network. From time to time it is neccessary to replace the batteries and to test all your devices. The few simple tips below will help to keep your uninterruptible power supply uninterruptible.

So you have got your workstations or your network connected into an uninterruptible power supply. Well, you have made the right decision. A blown fuse can lose you hours of progress so no more worries, although keeping your uninterruptible power supplies uninterruptible you do need a certain amount of maintenance.

Using RBC batteries in your workstation for example. An even better idea than that one is to replace the battery before it gets too old.

RBC7 batteries last a remarkably long time, but they do eventually fade. Once the warranty runs out, it might not be a bad idea to replace the battery as most RBC suppliers will offer a one year warranty. It makes sense to look at it as an investment, rather than, another expense that has been stacked on top of the normal bills. By replacing your RBC batteries for a few extra pounds a year will mean that your computer will be protected in the event of a power outage; don’t risk your battery burning out by not replacing them.

Maintaining any sort of communications network, be it an office network or a wireless internet hot spot is another example. Obviously, you want to keep your IT equipment up and running, or else you risk losing work or even customers, so to eliminate this you get an uninterrupted power supply system to keep your network going should there be a power surge

Great, but a product that can provide security is something that you need to be relying on; so look into this. Paying a few extra pounds to ensure reliabilty and warranty to your product is something that Reillo UPS provide; other no-name brand companies might not offer this and you may find yourself with a costly bill should your system break down.

Common sense when maintaining any electronic device is what it really comes down too. Testing your devices to ensure that the UPS will provide standby power when the lights go out is essential; it would therefore be a good idea to set up an old laptop beforehand to run some tests. As the battery starts getting old, then replace it. When you need it to work, you want you need to make sure it works.

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Avoiding Identity Theft With Simple Precautions.

With the credit crunch currently in full swing and not looking to improve anytime time soon, there is one emerging industry that seems to be continually in growth mode and that is the Identity fraud industry. If you haven’t quite realised it yet this is a serious concern around the world.

So how do you combat the risks of having your identity stolen? This is not just people copying your clothes and hairstyle, they want a quick and easy way to profit from your financial and business data, your NHS number, your Passport details, your bank account and savings information, even your pension plan.

Do you know how easy it is to get a copy of your own or somebody else’s birth certificate? TOO easy!!! Do you routinely shred your bank and credit card statements after processing them?

Applying a little common sense can go a long way with a little change in your thought processes. For example the next time you receive one of those annoying “you’ve been pre approved” credit card offers, before you throw it straight in the bin ask yourself why you are happy to give the chance to a complete stranger to obtain your (all but your signature) completed form. That’s surely asking for trouble.

If you bank online and don’t consider any of the above a risk then, you still need to consider your internet usage habits. We have all been educated to not use the same passwords and serial numbers for all our accounts and transaction, but living in the real world we all struggle to remember numerous password and user combinations and tend to use the same one leaving ourselves wide open.

Is your antivirus updated regularly, do you always download the updates as they come in, will LATER be soon enough, or will it be too late? When you upgrade your computer systems, a new laptop for Xmas a bargain in the sales or maybe an online auction purchase, how do you dispose of your old system, in particular your hard drive?

You need to take sensible precaution when disposing of old or unused computers and laptops (or hard drives). Selling them on one of the many auction sites may earn yourself a little extra pocket money, but are you aware that even if you have formatted the drive you have just given away all your personal data. Hard drive recovery experts are only limited to professional companies, the criminal element have access to this capability as well.

Did you know you can have a hard drive which you no longer require either shredded or securely wiped so that your details are no longer recoverable?? The drive can be physically shredded into little pieces even the top data recovery companies or jigsaw enthusiasts could not reassemble your data then, like wise the drive can be secure wiped and just the motor and heads used for parts by hard drive recycling companies.

To find out more about computer security advice and hard drive disposal call or speak to your local data recovery company . Or visit here for more great Pc, computer and laptop repair help.

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