Eco bags and 25% OFF coupon!

More info and coupon code here: This environmental bag by Green Woven Earth is fantastic because of several things. The first reason is because it’s made out of a type of grass called buri, which is a palm grass coming from the Philippines that’s extremely strong and durable. It was being used well before World War II for bags, mats and hats. After loom weaving was invented in the 70’s, buri (also known as butan). Buri is mostly common in Asian countries. Secondly, since this bag is natural, it’s made out of a sustainable source that’s 100% biodegradable and will decompose when disposed of. These are reusable eco-friendly bags that can be used anywhere, from going out with your friends to going for a picnic, doing your groceries, going to the gym, to the beach and even to the farmers’ market. The tote bags are so strong that they will last a long time. Green Woven Earth has several different styles, sizes and colors for all tastes (natural color, pink, blue, green and any mix of these), make sure to get at least one reusable bag because we’ve managed to get a coupon code and pass the discount to you! Take action, buy green and help our environment! Highlights: – Natural – Reusable – Handmade – Sustainable – 100% natural – Biodegradable

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    @EcoBold: You must be a really good shopper. =o)

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    Indeed she is and just as important this lady stands for something:Checkout the slideshow video(I Need You)of Steffany in her favourites.

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    they Look cool

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