Some Eco-Friendly Green Thoughts

Some Eco-Friendly Green Thoughts

How often when you go to the grocery store are you asked if you want paper or plastic grocery bags?  Well the best answer to that would be NEITHER.  To keep the U.S. stocked with paper and plastic grocery bags, takes about fourteen million trees and twelve million barrels of oil every year! Investing in a few reusable bags makes a lot of sense.

Think about those little paper receipts you get at the gas pump and the ATM machine.  If all people would simply note it in their checkbook, or in a small notebook when they made a purchase or withdrew money, it would be saving enough paper to encircle the globe fifteen times!

If every American would by one roll of recycled paper towels instead of the others, it would save over half a million trees. And how about turning the car off when you are waiting for someone, in the drive-thru lane  or stuck in a huge traffic jam?  When a car idles for more than a minute it is polluting the air and wasting your gas.

Cordless phones are replacing conventional phones.  But think about it… sitting in a recharging cradle and using up your electricity  twenty-four hours a day and every day of the week! Replace one or two cordless phones with your old conventional ones and you’ll save energy.  The old fashioned ones use only a tiny bit of electricity, and will work when the power is off. If you insist on the convenience of cordless phones, make sure the ones  you do get are Energy Star-rated, for high energy efficiency.

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