Discover How to Create Your Own Solar Panels These days electricity is becoming very expensive that is why more and more people are now switching over to solar energy which helps you to produce electricity in a safe and convenient way. Solar power which uses the sun’s energy to produce electricity is very useful for the humans because it helps us in generating pure and cheap electricity even at homes. For this conversion of energy into electricity, we use photovoltaic (PV) procedure. Initially the installation cost of such solar plants was very high but with the change in technology, the cost has been extensively reduced. In this article, I would mainly like to give you some very important tips that would help you to build solar panels for generating electricity. 1. Consider the location of your house For making good solar panels, it is very essential for you to consider the location of your house. The direction of the panels can depend a lot on the hemisphere you live in. People living in the northern hemisphere should have south facing solar-panels because it will help them to capture the maximum amount of sunlight regularly. People living in the southern hemisphere should install the panels in the northern direction. 2. Essential things you need for the installation Some very important things that you need for building solar panels are UV-ray protective varnish, Caulking gun, Plywood sheeting, Silicon caulk, Wire cutters, Soldering iron gun, Volt meter, Plexiglas cutters, Paint brush, Solder

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