Solar panel installation, for installers (HD) pt 1 / 2

A step by step guide to installing the GENERSYS 1000-10 solar panel and in-roof flashing kit for slate roofs. A detailed installation manual is available from our website and covers every roof type, showing just how versatile the 1000-10 solar panel can be. Each 1000-10 solar panel generates around 1379Kw and is guaranteed for 20 years when installed by an approved installer. Solar Keymark certified, the 1000-10 can qualify your customer for MCS and LCBP Phase I and II grants. For more information visit our website and visit our downloads section at It must be said that this video is not a substitute for the easy to read but comprehensive manual, and we highly recommend talking to one of our installers or engineers to answer any questions you may have. Call our London head office anytime between 9-5 and we’ll be glad to help! Call now 020 7637 9708.

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