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Grid tie inverter 12v and 24v solar panel system, battery bank, fuses, xantrex controller updated video

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  1. #1 by dashony at April 26th, 2010

    WulfBand, just briefly, a normal inverter is made quite simple in order to amplify the voltage from 12,24 V or other, to a higher voltage like 110 or 220,230,240V and from DC to AC so we can connect and use our home appliances. The grid tie inverter is made so when you plug it into the power outlet it firstly reads the type of power that is running in your home and creates identical power to export to your grid for home usage.

  2. #2 by dashony at April 26th, 2010

    WulfBand, (cont…) The grid tie inverter is made so when you plug it into the power outlet exports the power to the grid, when the normal inverter is not electronically prepared to export and if you do try to plug it into the power outlet it will without any doubt BLOW UP! cheers

  3. #3 by solarwindaus at May 11th, 2010

    Hi dashony i like your work, very tidy. one thing worries me is that i have fried two pswgt-300 inverters by having them directly connected to the batteries, and have since heard only pswgt-600 and above can handle direct battery amps. i was using similar batteries and 2 x180 watt solar panels through a missouri wind and solar mw160cc dump load to the inverters and grid, with 25 amps plus into inverters also hooked up is a 500 watt mws turbine but it was putting in less than 5 amps. cheers

  4. #4 by dashony at May 11th, 2010

    I fried 2 China GTIs as well but since I’m using the US GTI didn`t have a problem with it, but I still have that fear so I only let it work for a few hours until it gets hot and turn it off to cool down for a bit. Once I get more panels I`ll connect them to the GTI and I`ll just leave the batteries connected to the normal inverter. Cheers for the comment, I was wonderring if anyone else had problems with the GTI connected straight to the batteries.

  5. #5 by WICKEDMAN9MM at May 31st, 2010

    Nice vid, nice equipment too…

  6. #6 by dashony at June 1st, 2010

    Thanks Wickedman9mm

  7. #7 by WICKEDMAN9MM at June 7th, 2010

    Dashony can you make a drawing showing how you wired your system?

  8. #8 by dashony at June 15th, 2010

    Wickedman9mm, I’ve attached a picture-drawing of my system on my website w w w . Dashony. C o m Have a look and let me know. Cheers

  9. #9 by taztaz79 at June 18th, 2010

    wow… thats a nice setup you have there! looks proffesional! 🙂 I have a setup much looking like yours.. I have 4x 150Ah 12V connected as 24v (300Ah). These I have connected to a 250w grid-tie inverter just like you.. I have the setup with batteries right now since i can’t have the grid tie running all the time. Only when i consume more power on a phase than the grid-tie put in…. So i got my gridtie running only when the heatpump is on.. 🙂 ..

  10. #10 by dodgeram96mopar at July 20th, 2010

    Did you have to get this certified by your electric company? I am just a beginner and want to get a setup with a grid tie inverter, it sounds like you can connect this without the electric companys permission. Or is it only when you want to get paid for your extra power.

  11. #11 by fely3 at July 25th, 2010

    I received the 300W with lcd for 240v and when I put power in I got an electric shock from the dc input.. I measured it, 36VAC.(the input cap is 36VDC)
    Later on, still no solar panel connected, the capacitor from the ammeter exploded, spitting black debri inside the housing.. I continued to burn,because there is no fuse inside.
    Now it seems to be dead. although only the ammeter part exploded.
    The box label: passed QC.. thanks,china!

  12. #12 by helloman1976 at July 27th, 2010

    Have you compared your power bill to before and after to see how much you are saving with 300watts going back into the grid? If so, how much did you save and was it worth the initial price?

  13. #13 by fely3 at July 27th, 2010

    my gti works.. the solar panel was at 20v but apparently to less power . 24v battery installed and it worked, I didnt test longer than some seconds,you can see the amps increasing.. it starts slowly.

  14. #14 by dashony at August 8th, 2010

    Dodgeram96mopar, I’ve spoken to an electrician and I was told that I don’t need a license for my system as I have a plug in system and I didn’t have to modify or touch the house electrical circuits. I’m sure you will need to get some sort of approval from the electrical company if you want to get paid for the electricity you export but at the moment I’m using everything that I’m producing. Once I’ll expend my system I’ll get it certified too.

  15. #15 by dashony at August 8th, 2010

    Helloman1976 I didn’t compare the bills but I’ve got that ammeter which is permanently connected to the GTI and calculates all watts sent to the house grid and I have set the cost per kw and tells me how much I exported / saved. My system is only 220w but obviously the bigger the system the more money you save

  16. #16 by dashony at August 8th, 2010

    Fely3 I’m happy for you now artier the bad incident you had, have fun with it

  17. #17 by collintheapplegeek at September 6th, 2010

    Is it legal to put power into your house and the grid like that with a plug and play grid tie inverter?

  18. #18 by dashony at September 7th, 2010

    Collintheapplegeek my 4th comment below you will find my answer to your question, thanks for watching my video

  19. #19 by VWRabbitdiesel at September 8th, 2010

    Very nice set up How do you like the power monitor? and how did you mount them to the wall?

  20. #20 by taztaz79 at September 9th, 2010

    hello again 🙂 I must tell you.. I have now ordered 10x 180w panels for my house.. I will later buy a new inverter that manages 3200w .. to start with i will connect 3 x 180w panels to my 24v 300A battery bank and run a 250w inverter out to the net.. I can run the 250w inverter even when the sun is down… Until i get the “real” inverter and all the panels up on the roof… The final installation will be with 18 x 180w panels = 3240w 😀 .. thx for a good vid!

  21. #21 by dashony at September 9th, 2010

    Vwrabbitdiesel, I love my LCD displays ( monitors ) you get some good and accurate readings from them so you can tell how your system works, what you’re producing what you’re exporting to the grid, it’s just awesome. I have them all mounted on a shop stand placed upside down. I got it from a chemist shop they didn’t need it anymore and found It very suitable for my project. Thanks for your comment!

  22. #22 by dashony at September 9th, 2010

    Taztaz79, wow, you’re really getting into it with over 3kw power. It’s nice to see and cant wait to watch your vid once you’re all up and running. Good luck with the new sys and ask me if u need any help, I’ll do my best to help. Can’t wait to see how u went. Thanks for your comments and soon I should have my new vid here about my power meter spinning backwards. Keep me updated w your system. Cheers!

  23. #23 by qcages at September 25th, 2010

    @collintheapplegeek It depends on where you live, but for most areas, it’s legal to use this type of inverter without acquiring permits. Electric companies doesn’t really care about grid tying until you reach the 2000ish watts zone. With these inverters you will very rarely put more power into your house grid than you are using, so for the most part it will just make your meeter run more slowly, and not backwards.

  24. #24 by helloman1976 at September 27th, 2010

    Seems like hooking a very small GTI like that 250W to a huge amperage battery bank would be the fastest way to burn out your GTI. Have you had any issues yet? I suspect it’s only a matter of time before that GTI burns out or even catches fire.

  25. #25 by dashony at September 28th, 2010

    Helloman1976 I know the amps coming from batteries is too high for the inverter that’s the reason why I only use it about 30 minutes at a time so I can get some use of the power from batteries when they’re full, but it just a matter of time until I can afford a higher amp GTI. Thanks for your comment, my system is still opened for improvement and expansion. It’s just a matter of cash 🙂

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