Green Living: Using Eco-Friendly Products to Create a More Sustainable Home | Pottery Barn Learn some easy tips for living green as Zem Joaquin shows us how to reduce our impact on the earth by using recyclable products and creating a more sustainable home. A simple thing everyone can do in their home is eliminate plastic food containers. Glass containers look nicer and can be put in the dishwasher. Getting rid of plastic water bottles is another tip for living green. Even though plastic bottles are recyclable products, 87% of them end up in landfills. Buying a metal water bottle eliminates some of this waste, and keeps your drink cooler throughout the day. When choosing fabrics for your home, look carefully for organic fabrics. Pottery barn offers a variety of organic towels, organic bedding, and many other organic products. To save water, add foot pedals to the bottom of your sink. You waste less, and you don’t have to touch the knobs every time you use the faucet. Sustainable living is easy when you use eco friendly products and organic fabrics. Keep our earth healthy by following these simple living green techniques. For more earth friendly products, check out Pottery Barn’s website:

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