Build DIY Solar Panels = Solar Panel Power = Freedom – Build DIY Solar Panels = Solar Panel Power = Freedom Stop being a slave to your utility company, discover how to build solar panels quickly and easily. Everyone is a slave to something. Most of us are held captive by huge monopolies like utility companies charging as much as they like, and we get to pay it, if we want to keep our lights on and the heat going. However, with the proposed Cap and Trade bill now being ramrodded through the American Congress by the renegade Obama, some few Americans may wish they could declare their freedom from the utility company. The good news is there are still some free things in the world that governments have not been able to tax yet. The sun and wind a two of those things. Science has developed ways of using the sun and wind to create electrical power. As with nearly all new discoveries, only the wealthy could afford them. Well, not so any longer. With the advent of intolerable energy prices, technologies have been developing ways to build solar panels economically and easily. In fact, so easy even the nerd or geek homeowners can build them. This is a great blessing to all homeowners. It is now time to stand up and be counted by declaring your independence from your power company. It is now time to set yourself free from the irrational whims of power companies humongous bonus checks and an out of control Congress that thinks they can solve America’s problems by throwing more red ink at it. I know the thought

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