Clean N Green Portland OR | … | Clean N Green Portland OR Everyday more and more homeowners are becoming aware of their personal impact on the environment. They are finding ways to reduce their carbon footprint, from green building products to green cleaning products. Clean n Green Portland OR, (877) 673-4502, helps environmentally conscious, busy homeowners by cleaning their homes using products that are Green Seal Certified. Traditional cleaning products use harsh chemicals that are known to be harmful to people and the environment. Chlorine and petroleum distillates found in quite a few traditional cleaning products, find their way into soil and water. Many cancer causing agents such a formaldehyde and trisodium nitrilotriacetate are found in these products as well. By using Clean n Green Portland OR, you are eliminating these harmful odors and chemicals from your home. You will be able to safely relax in your professionally cleaned home knowing you have made a difference in our environment. Feel confident knowing Green Seal Certified Products are being used in your home. Clean n green Portland OR has a unique system they use to clean your home, the Detail-Clean Rotation System. On their first visit, your home is given a green Detail-Clean focusing on the bathrooms and kitchen, while meticulously cleaning the rest of the home as well. On their second visit the Detail-Clean focuses on the sleeping and living areas, while meticulously cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms

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