Grid tied solar panels

So here you go, my son and I installed these Sharp 210 watt solar panels each has its own Emphase 240v micro inverter and they connect to the panel via the MC4 connectors, a piece of cake to do. They connect to each other in series creating a string of up to 14 panels in a string. At the end of the string you have two MC connectors which go into a junction box with a longer MC4 cable and from there to a service disconnect breaker. Then from the service disconnect breaker to main breaker panel and that’s it. I can watch my meter go backwards during the day, like clockwork (except when the wife is cooking or the water heater is on). We installed the panels in late October and have reduce the monthly electric consumption by half – not bad. Once I get those two turbines up, I should be close to near zero electric bil.

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  1. #1 by michael970 at February 15th, 2010

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