More solar panels

Future addition of solar panels from kits and individual panels I purchased from Harbor Freight. I bought the 45watt kits with coupons for 0 – that's about .50 a watt whic is not too bad. I bought five kits and seven individual 15watt panels, that gives me a total of an additional 330 watts. I had already installed 1.6Kw of solar panels so this gives nme about 2Kw of total solar panel. When both of my wind turbines are running it will probably add another Kilowatt or less (because the wind is not blowing 20mph all the time). So overall I plan on adding six more 210 watt panel with individual Emphase drid tie inverters and that will add another 1.2Kw to the 2Kw I already have. Once those are added it will be time to quit with the solar and wind as I have many other projects in the queue.

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