Harnessing the wind for your home

We have heard a lot about green energy lately, but still, solar panels and wind turbines seem like options for energy in the future. But Rick Kleopfer of surenergy says think again. Kleopfer knows green energy is here to stay and his business is an authorized dealer of wind turbines. Wind energy is not just for big businesses and small cities. Turbines can help you to power your house. "I saw that could be a great thing to bring to Toledo," he said. "Bring the green movement here. We're on the bottom floor. We'll be the first to bring it to Toledo." Kleopfer actually owns Preferred Pools and Spas in Maumee. His staff is going through intense training to help you with any questions on how to go green in harnessing the wind.

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  1. #1 by HomeWindTurbines7 at February 13th, 2010

    Nice, I uploaded a video of my Grid-Tied home wind turbine project, take a look if you’re interested in home solar/wind energy. My install of home rooftop wind turbines and solar panels is in my videos, Subscribe to my channel if you like, I’ll be posting more stuff. We have installed systems coast to coast with customers from Hawaii to New Jersey. Our manufacturing is in Ohio also.. We aren’t selling systems made in other states or countries. Thanks

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