Solar Panel Cleaning and Temperature Deration

Here is part one of a discussion on solar panel cleaning and an experiment on how high summertime temperature reduces overall power output versus cooler panel temps. Stay tuned for part two for the actual results after cooling

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  1. #1 by M0LONLABE at August 10th, 2009

    Hey Steve, wondering what Latitude you are at? And why your panels are not mounted/angled more? Have read that most panels should be mounted in the northern hemisphere with an approx. angle of Lat + 15* … for optimum performance … we’re about to mount our array and was wondering now if angle is really an issue?

  2. #2 by SolarSteveUSA at August 10th, 2009

    Yeah, I installed these at the same pitch of the roof for simplicity and for lesser wind loading considering the roof array is about 40′ off the ground on the windward side of a ridge top. +15 is a more optimal tilt angle, however in practice I’m only loosing approx 5% output at this low angle. My avg generation is about 25kwh daily right now. Shading, high heat and debris causes me far more losses than the shallow angle! I’m at 40 deg N lat. with the array pointed SSW at 210 deg.

  3. #3 by M0LONLABE at August 10th, 2009

    Saving the structural integrity of the roof because of the wind load makes sense compared to only a 5% loss. And I agree about the heat/debris deration. I’ve seen some pretty sweet setups where individuals have used copper tubing as heat sinks to “cool” the panels during the summer. Have also seen people use “misters” to keep the panels cool and clean during hotter months. Thanks for the videos. SUBBED 🙂

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