Do it yourself Solar Energy

I wanted to try one of the DIY Solar Panels guide that is out on the Internet but I was scared of getting ripped off. Besides getting scammed, I was scared that I would get too frusterated if the solar panels were too hard to make.

If you want to skip ahead, go ahead and look at this DIY solar panel review guide to help you out.

Are the DIY energy guides real?

Take a look at my findings in this short write up on the best DIY energy guide.

I was sure that I went over all the different brands, including, but not limited to Power4Home, and Earth 4 Energy. All of them seemed to have a guarantee. Some were 30 days and some were 60 days. It was on thing to {spit words from your mouth just to make a sale, but I wanted to be sure they the company actually backed up their claim and fully supported the guarantee.} The next thing I did was check out user reviews to see what real people had to say.

I wanted a neutral perspective so I didn’t look at those pages trying to sell me their own product.

After looking at peoples’ reviews, I figured out that most of the sites didn’t honor their guarantee which really turned me away. There were a few that did say they were unhappy with the product, but eventually got refunds.

After reading the reviews, I cross off my list one by one to see which ones didn’t live up to my standards. I was left with about 2 DIY guides that were still good.


How difficult would it be to make a solar panel?

The second reason for my hesitation was not knowing for sure if I could handle building the solar panels all by myself without the help of others. I didn’t even go to college and barely graduated from high school. In actuality, I work in blue collar work in construction and it’s really far from anything technical.

I needed assurance that anyone could build these solar panels, even a regular guy like me. The sites selling these Do-It-Yourself guides did say that anyone could do it, but a part of me didn’t believe them. I didn’t want to just take what they said for face value so I did some more research.

I went online once again and got advice from my peers to give me a honest review. My peers gave me their experiences and also warned me on a couple of things I should look out for and it honestly didn’t look too hard.

I wanted to get rid of this worry and know that I could do it. To my surprise, some people have actually tried it and gave me their 2 cents.

I read this GreenDIYEnergy review and I was hooked.

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