how to build a solar panel part 3

How to build a solar panel, using 3×6 solar cell’s and sylgard 184 encapsulation. Aluminum Solar panel frame kit for sell on ebay.

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  1. #1 by cyclone333 at October 10th, 2009

    what material did you use to crate that liquid?
    Once you finished pouring the liquid, do you cover the back to protect it?

  2. #2 by markp0177 at December 6th, 2009

    The liquid is call sylgard 184 you can find it on ebay.I still sell the frame kit on ebay.I no longer sell the glass due to the cost of packaging. Mark

  3. #3 by markp0177 at January 13th, 2010

    I make custom frames to fit your glass. I sell this frame and other size’s on ebay. Mark

  4. #4 by CredoVeritas at January 14th, 2010

    That is an excellent method. Far better than others I have seen. It looks sturdy and long lasting.
    I think I have seen your frames on Ebay.

    I especially like your custom work table with fitted window and tools such as weights.
    All makes for a quick, clean, and consistent project .Must really reduce mistakes and increase quality.
    Well done. Really great.
    I’m studying and collecting materials for my first panel right now. Your videos a a big help.
    5 ***** Thanks!

  5. #5 by theaaronmurphy at January 23rd, 2010


    How many volts does this unit create in full sun?
    Using 36 3×6 Evergreen units right?

  6. #6 by markp0177 at January 24th, 2010

    Hi it will produce around 20 volt’s in sun or shade.The amp’s is what goes up and down from sun to shade, voltage stay’s about the same. Mark

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