Solar And Wind Power Facts

The use of solar and wind power energy for home is becoming very widespread now with the rising costs of electricity. Unfortunately because of this a large amount of our incomes go towards paying for the electricity bills which is why many more people are leaning more towards solar and wind power.  Solar and Wind Power is very cost efficient and also generally easy to maintain, and even better enviromentally friendly.

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Constructing your own solar panels or windmill for your home can be a pretty simple task particularly considering the popularity of them these days, the materials needed to build them are easy to come by.

More and more people each day are choosing solar or wind power and reducing their electricity bills by 75%.  Global warming is also an issue for our future, choosing renewable sources of energy is going to have a way more positive effect on our environment.

Just say you installed a solar panel or a windmill and you generated more power than you need, which is achieveable, not only can you save on your electricity bill but there is a extremely good chance that you could sell the surplus energy to your local utility and earn extra money.

Both methods can be used to generate power, depending on your location and finances.  Choosing which system to use is usually pretty simple, you really just need to work out whether you are living where the wind is blowing most of the time or whether the sun is shining, depending on this you will know which system is best for you.

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If solar panels are your choice make sure you always place the solar panel at a 45 degree angle to the ground, for best results also face half east and half west. The early morning sunrise will capture the rays of the sun and ofcourse the afternoon sunset will capture the west facing solar panels.

Wind turbines positioned at a height will work best also, the higher the better as the speed of the wind is greater the further from the ground it is.  The wind works as the fuel for the windmill, so naturally the windmill will function alot better and generate significant amounts of electricity this way.

Installation for solar panels for your home or a windmill can be extremely costly.  You really can save a fortune if you were to decide to install these yourself.  Either of these systems can be constructed from start to finish by you with the help of a diy solar and wind power guide, there are some fantastic guides out there that can show you step by step and demonstrate to you exactly how to put together any one of these systems.

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