Maintaining Your Solar Panels

If you are worried that installing solar panels on your home will result in time-consuming, expensive and complex maintenance, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Residential solar panels are manufactured using thick glass to encase the solar cells and then are mounted onto metal racks.  Since the solar panels have no moving parts, they require very little maintenance once they are installed.

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Now, this may be subject to where you reside, the kind of weather typical for your region and whether or not you have a lot of trees in your yard.  For example, if your locale experiences a lot of snow, you may need to take the time to clean off the solar panels following a heavy snowstorm. Or if you reside in a region that has frequent dust storms, or in a city where there is a large amount of dirt in the air, you may need to clean the glass panels periodically to maximize their effectiveness. But if it rains often enough, that should all that’s needed to keep your solar panels clean enough to work properly.

If there are many deciduous trees in your yard, including evergreens, you may need to make sure that the leaves or needles don’t obscure the solar panels. But a quick swipe with a broom should do the trick.

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As we know, the system consists of more than just the solar panels. If you have an off grid system, it will also have storage batteries and perhaps a back up generator. These components will need more monitoring and ongoing care than the solar panels themselves. It’s always wise to plan for periodic inspections to make sure that your entire solar energy system is running properly.

If your solar panels are tied to public utilities, you will still have the inverter as part of your system. An inverter takes the electricity generated by the solar panels and converts it to alternating current for your appliances. Although it has no mechanical parts, it is an important component and should be regularly inspected.

The Most Economical Way of Solar Power Installation

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