Hair Care Regimen – Products FOLLOW ME! RATE and SUBSCRIBE! And if you have any video requests please let me know so I can get them to you guys! Thanks for watching! PRODUCTS * Kera Care – 1st Lather Shampoo * Kera Care – Hydrating and Detangling Shampoo * Kera Care – Humecto Creme Conditioner * Chi Silk Infusion * Aphogee Pro-Vitamin Leave-In Conditioner * Aphogee Keratin and Green Tea * Gold ‘N Hot 1875 Watt Blowdryer * Jilbere de Paris (Porcelain Series) Flat Iron…

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  1. #1 by icisprincess09 at November 3rd, 2009

    Luv your hair. I also take flaxseed and it is great for your hair.

  2. #2 by lynnie1395 at November 11th, 2009

    hey i really like your vids..nd im wonderin r u gonna be makin another vid anytime soon?..can u get back to me on that..i wanna see a vid of u co washing..or even just washing your hair…thanx!

  3. #3 by autywon at November 23rd, 2009

    your hair is about the same length as mine.
    great vid!

  4. #4 by Lifeinfullcolour14 at November 27th, 2009

    Your hair is beautiful. It has that swang thing going on. Personally I am not bothered about lenght but more concerned about having healthy hair. Btw I think macheriamour uses this regime also.

  5. #5 by 17snaxaday at November 27th, 2009

    great info thanks for the tips

  6. #6 by sstupidssmile at November 28th, 2009

    your skin and hair is beautiful

  7. #7 by msthang020 at November 29th, 2009

    where do you work at ?

  8. #8 by ToriFBaby at December 4th, 2009

    I can only use
    Aphogee Pro-Vitamin Leave-In Conditioner and the
    Aphogee Keratin and Green Tea.
    The shampoo dries my hair out so badly!
    I will be trying the kera care line!

  9. #9 by Lovher989 at December 5th, 2009

    Wells Fargo =)

  10. #10 by Lovher989 at December 5th, 2009

    Thank you sweetie!

  11. #11 by Lovher989 at December 5th, 2009

    You’re welcome! Thanks for watching!

  12. #12 by Lovher989 at December 5th, 2009

    Yeah products work differently for different people! I highly recommend Kera Care for people with curly or natural textured hair… great!

  13. #13 by xgal2 at December 7th, 2009

    how often do u shampoo your hair? also, i have really dry hair and I need a solution because the olive oil is not enough…do co wash?

  14. #14 by missfamiliar at December 7th, 2009

    The Aphogee shampoo dries my hair out so bad too…i’ve switched to pantene pro v for relaxed and natural hair, it’s ok but i’m going to try kera care.

  15. #15 by HotandColdBiscuits at December 7th, 2009

    your hair looks beautiful and healthy =]
    but where can i purchase these products?

  16. #16 by ToriFBaby at December 7th, 2009

    My mom and sis uses the pan-pro v relaxed, they love it! I went to the beauty supply store today, they carried:
    Hydrating and Detangling Shampoo
    Humecto Creme Conditioner
    They didn’t have the 1st lather, I was so mad!

  17. #17 by Lovher989 at December 8th, 2009

    Well I only used the 1st lather when I had a lot of product and build up in my hair. So the hydrating and detangling shampoo is what you really need and what is the BEST! Let me know how it works for you!

  18. #18 by ToriFBaby at December 8th, 2009

    Thats what I was thinking…
    I was like maybe the 1st lasther is a
    clarifying shampoo, and is only needed
    when I have alot of build up.
    On the flip side they BSS, had the sham-
    poo for a great price, but the 8oz bottle
    of conditioner was $15.99!?!? I was like,
    no ma’am. It’s online $8.00 cheaper.
    I don’t know why I haven’t subscribed to you yet!?!? Let me do that right now!

  19. #19 by Lovher989 at December 9th, 2009

    Thanks for subbing!

  20. #20 by Kell03 at December 9th, 2009

    ommggg i love yur haaiirrr! = |||||| I REALLY WANT my hair to be that flowyy and volumised : \ … just out of curiousity, are yuh fully blk or have yuh got a mix ? xx?

  21. #21 by cutiepie1464 at December 16th, 2009

    omg your hair is soo nice i love it i was looking for another regimen to switch it up a bit from aphogee and girl you helped me im subbing:) i might even try that cut too lol its so cute

  22. #22 by alexisxotube at December 16th, 2009

    is biosilk like silk infusion?

  23. #23 by hymaintenance4eva at December 25th, 2009

    great hair. looks like you’ve been to the salon. I love Keracare products. I alternate betw. them and Mizani. Humecto is my favorite. Love the Chi Silk Infusion. The comb glides through my hair. I take a multi. You may want to try adding biotin too. My dermatologist suggested it when I was having some thinning due to a bad relaxing experience. It works.

  24. #24 by yobiworld at December 27th, 2009

    is it okay to buy BOTH Aphogee Pro-Vitamin Leave-In Conditioner
    * Aphogee Keratin and Green Tea does ????

  25. #25 by godofthisshit at December 28th, 2009

    Your hair look nappy. Just set that shit on fire.

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