Notes on Living Off the Grid

Off the Grid

Living off the grid should become our motto in today’s world. With the high rate of consumption of available non-renewable energy, it becomes more important for us to find out a cost effective as well as purposeful alternative energy which will never be depleted. The sun is one such source of energy and since we evolve life from the sun then why not the power to handle our homes?

Solar energy is evenly available and that too in huge wealth. Accordingly we can very well harness solar energy and apply it for running our home at the least. Besides, this energy will not cause contamination and therefore everyone starting from the environmentalists to us, the familiar people, will be blessed. We live off the grid and the environment stands safe at the same time.

Anyway, most people think that appliances like AC and fridges do not and cannot run on the scant energy of the sun that we will be channeling. Many are of the opinion that if you can strip your necessities down to the bare minimum then only you can use solar energy effectively. This is false but you have to have to want to live off the grid to make it false.

The magic of renewable sources of energy like the wind or the water or the sun is that no matter what happens these will always stay till the earth perishes. Furthermore you can always produce electricity from these sources in one way or the other. Waterfalls and windmills strap the power of water and the wind to produce electricity so do not think that you can not live off the grid, nature is more almighty that we think. Inherently the energy is stored in batteries and at night these batteries stock the necessary amount of electricity needed.

The best part about solar energy is that during the day, you are storing the energy and promptly using the sun’s energy. At night when the sun is down you use these batteries which have harnessed the power. This means that you have a double application of the energy, which is effective and at the same time, affordable.

Living off the grid is not a big deal; you just have to know how you want to do it and how you will utilize your solar power. Additionally, be careful about the storage and continuance of your power batteries because they are your electricity. Use them well and be sure that you do not demand more than you can be equipped with.

So, use solar power and get rid of those provoking electricity bills. Freedom of energy is a big thing but you must know which alternative power source will enhance you according to your geographical neighborhood. So exercise the power of energy efficiently and be gratified of living off the grid.

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Start taking positive action today towards your economy and planet and you will be amazed just how things can be improved and changed.

A. Arvizu

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