Green Fakers

Green Fakers – The Gorey Details Of An Inconvenient ClimateGate Now that Global Warming has been exposed as the hoax we all knew it was, there are many enablers out there that bear responsibility, like a fully complicit Lame Stream Media who seek to shove this Climate Snake Oil down our throats at every turn. But for all the GreeNazis and Unhinged Ed Beglomaniacs there is one EcoQuack that fully owns this issue. And now, the time has come for even him to own up to the sham. This Pompous …

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  1. #1 by BestPoliticalVideos at December 3rd, 2009

    BRILLIANT!!! Rush should play this on his radio show!

  2. #2 by hiltonhead at December 3rd, 2009

    This is SOOO GOOD!

  3. #3 by starvedsanity at December 3rd, 2009

    the biggest scam in history and nobody goes to jail….

  4. #4 by juliezv at December 3rd, 2009

    Man! I’m glad I’m not Al Gore right now.

  5. #5 by ToddonCapeCod at December 3rd, 2009

    Algore either won’t comment on Climategate at all, or just say more lies. He can rely on the media and idiot sychophats like Ma’am Barbara Boxer to turn it around and blame the e-mail hackers for exposing the truth

  6. #6 by RobtKraft at December 3rd, 2009

    I give you You Tube’s version of the Academy Award: the Tubby. It’s richly deserved.

  7. #7 by johnknoefler at December 3rd, 2009

    Green Peace liars were out in front of Walmart on Broadway street in Chula Vista California. I stopped by and gave them a peace of my mind. Seems they don’t care about the hacked emails and faked graphs and phony data. They just keep whining about evil oil and manmade Global warming and how the world is gonna boil and everyone is gonna die. blah blah blah. When I kept going to the facts the donation beggers just kept asking if I was a scientist. They won’t argue facts.

  8. #8 by BestPoliticalVideos at December 3rd, 2009


    The answer to the question are you a scientist is – ARE YOU? OR LIE and say IN FACT I AM and see what their dumb reaction is.

  9. #9 by magnumprimer at December 3rd, 2009

    Fortunately for Al Gore, there is “no controlling legal authority” to punish him for perpetuating his scam. Charles Manson only wishes he could have influenced so many suckers…..

  10. #10 by Reiuxcat at December 3rd, 2009

    Perfect! Well done guys!

  11. #11 by ace8842 at December 3rd, 2009

    This is absolutely awesome. Splendid.

  12. #12 by chaps666 at December 3rd, 2009

    IOTW never fails to deliver.

  13. #13 by PETERWEEe at December 3rd, 2009

    Al Gore is a cartoon will somebody drop a safe on him!

  14. #14 by cajunastro at December 3rd, 2009

    I just heard Gore is bailing on the Copenhagen Climate Summit. He’s so busted!! LoL!!!!!

  15. #15 by surge42 at December 3rd, 2009


  16. #16 by cobraliles at December 4th, 2009


  17. #17 by atwitsend at December 4th, 2009

    Green Peace CIA front. and there was a military frigate docked on their slip.. get it?

  18. #18 by jfordyce at December 5th, 2009

    just as unfunny and retarded as anything you will hear on Rush’s show…Is this a Paul Shanklin tune?

  19. #19 by jke2897118 at December 5th, 2009

    Love it!

  20. #20 by johnknoefler at December 5th, 2009

    I never heard this. I will have to check it out.

  21. #21 by BestPoliticalVideos at December 5th, 2009


    This was done by Irony Curtain and Big Fur Hat of that great political satire web site iOwnTheWorld

  22. #22 by dcarman686 at December 5th, 2009

    anybody who makes fun of this hoax is funny in my book

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