Advantages of Raised Bed Gardens

Gardening with a raised bed garden can be very much more straightforward than conventional gardening and can solve a lot of common problems. In a raised bed a frame is used to contain soil above the ground at a convenient height so this type of gardening is excellent for someone in a wheelchair or who has difficulty kneeling down to cultivate a conventional garden. You can easily cultivate all varieties of plants including vegetables, herbs and flowers. Drainage is a great deal better in this style of garden and flowers and vegetables that thrive in well drained soil will prosper.

Raised bed gardens are not complicated to make but if you are not talented at carpentry you can buy raised garden kits that are uncomplicated to put together and will look attractive for many decades. They are available in various sizes and shapes so you can be sure to find one appropriate for your plot. In addition they also look especially eye-catching and a lot are made from cedar which is assured to keep on looking good for many decades.

Advantages of a Raised Garden Bed

* Earth in a raised bed heats up faster than the soil in your garden in the Spring and will hold the heat longer when the temperature starts to fall. This allows you a longer growing season so you can sow or transplant seedlings earlier and give your plants a longer time to grow.

* If you have poor soil in your garden which is missing in nutrients or possibly is very heavy clay then the use of a raised bed can answer this problem. You can make available good quality soil with all the correct nutrients so that your vegetables and flowers will grow well.

* If you suffer from physical or medical problems so that it is painful to kneel for long or gardening makes worse your back problems then the use of a raised bed can make gardening much easier. Building a bed at an appropriate height will prevent strain on your back and knees and allow you to garden for longer. For persons who must make use of a wheelchair this form of gardening will allow them to get pleasure from growing flowers and vegetables which they may not be able do with a conventional garden.

* In a raised bed that is correctly made, drainage is much better than in a regular garden and you won’t have sodden soil that can harm your plants and cause to inadequate growth.

* In a raised bed you could sow much closer which allows you to raise additional plants in the same space and also helps in preventing weeds from growing and also helps to conserve water.

* Soil doesn’t become packed down from being walked on in this kind of garden which permits air and water to reach the roots more easily ensuring they grow properly.

* Even though you could blend soil from your garden with soil bought from a garden store it is preferable to use all freshly prepared soil. This will make certain that there aren’t any pests or weed seeds in the soil which will provide a much healthier foundation for your garden and your plants. It will also cut down the need for weeding. If pests do infect your raised bed they are easy to handle in a small space or, in extreme cases, you can clear out all of the soil and restock with clean, sterilized soil.

final Thoughts

Raised gardens can answer a lot of of your gardening troubles, are especially good-looking and will provide service for very many. Cedar raised garden kits are enormously admired as they are water resistant and extremely long lasting. Whether you choose to construct your own raised garden or obtain a raised garden kit you will discover that you will take pleasure in your gardening more and will grow many more nourishing vegetables and attractive flower beds.

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