The 2010 Ford Fusion Rocks

There has been a gaping hole in the mid-sized car segment from Ford with the loss of the Taurus a few years back.The Ford Fusion has been around since 2006 but is now modified with the new Hybrid power plant system from Ford.The 2008 Los Angeles Auto Show.  What makes this Ford so special is the excellent in-town gas mileage that the hybrid can get.  The EPA rates the Hybrid at 41 MPG which bests the Camry by 8 MPG and even outshines the Civic Hybrid by 1 MPG in the city;  a great feat for a mid-sized sedan.Without any help from the internal combustion engine, the electric engine can push the Fusion up to 47 MPH.It has been written about and this system has been used by many to get better MPG than the EPA says are possible.

New technology in the Hybrid allows the Fusion to teach drivers which driving style gets the best fuel economy.The Smart Gauge is a set of gauges built into the display.There are two displays on each side of the gauge cluster that show various hybrid info.  The first screen shows the fuel level and the level of power left in the batteries.  The second data screen adds an electric vehicle mode indicator and RPM Tach.  The third screen displays engine and battery output power.The fouth data screen shows which wheels are being powered and accessory power consumption.Information Displays reveal fuel consumption, Miles Per Gallon account, journey record, and antifreeze levels.Best fuel economy can be gauged through real time MPG information showing the driver which driving style is best.

The nav screen shows the Hybrid Energy Flow data.  This display will track the 5 modes of the Fusion’s Hybrid Powertrain which are the; electric drive, hybrid drive, electric boost, idle charging, and regenerative breaking.

The Fusion represents the first eco car to use recycle materials in the construction os the interior.Tired of watching Toyota and Honda benifit off new hybrid vehicles, Ford decided to add a new hybrid vehicle to their line-up that will apeal to the masses.

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