The Newest Home Wind Turbine Breakthroughs

Wind power technology has been available for decades and has been steadily getting better and better. The great improvements in the past 10 years or so have allowed it to be increasingly used for home production of electricity Modern wind generators are smaller, quieter and produce more power than ever before and can be a great source of alternative energy for most consumers. Homeowners can now find guides and plans that teach how to build a wind turbine.

Size and the requirement of a consistent, very strong wind were the most significant problems with early types of wind turbines. Early versions of windgenerators required very strong and consistent wind to get them spinning. Because of their size and height requirements, they were not a good fit for many homeowners even though they generated large amounts of electricity. Because of the residential areas in which these wind turbines were being used, they needed to be mounted quite high up in the air. They had to be higher than other buildings and trees so that they would be exposed to as strong of a wind as possible to allow them to produce their maximum energy. In order to accomplish this, the wind generator had to be mounted at the top of a heavy duty, and often ugly, tower which was expensive and could cause complaints from neighbors. Many HOA rules or town ordinances also prohibit or restrict towers or wind turbines. Large, open areas, free from tall buildings and trees were a better fit for these old, large units.

Modern wind generator designs have reduced the size of the turbine and helped homeowners with smaller lots or in areas with trees or buildings. Newer designs require much less wind to spin and are much smaller than older types as well. They are also made of innovative materials and are much lighter than earlier models. This means that they don’t need to be mounted as high as the older wind generators and can still produce a good amount of electricity from a smaller wind. Another improvement in these more modern wind turbines is their blade design which allows them to be more efficient with the wind they receive and quieter as well. These more recent wind turbines are also much quieter and more efficient thanks to their blade design. This can allow many homeowners who live in smaller neighborhoods to install these more recent wind turbines and generate renewable electricity without causing much disturbance to their neighbors.

Because they are much lighter, the newer wind generators can turn into the wind faster and therefore generate power more quickly than the older, larger ones. The blades of the wind turbine need to rotate to point into the wind for the turbine to operate. This is usually accomplished through the use of a tail rudder. It required quite a heavy wind to orient the bigger wind generators before they could even begin to spin and produce electricity. In a light wind, they might not even spin up and never generate power. These newer, lighter wind generators require less wind to orient them and can start spinning more quickly as a result. So, the older, larger wind turbines were spinning less often even though they would produce more power when they were actually spinning. Because they spin more consistently, the newer and smaller wind generators will generate nearly as much power over an entire year as the heaver ones. Lastly, because of their size many of the newer wind generators can be mounted directly to a roof and eliminate a lot of the cost of installation for the older versions. For any homeowner looking to generate green electricity from a passing breeze, a homemade wind turbine can be the perfect alternative.

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