Using Heat Shrink Tubing & Hooking Up Alligator Clips To A Solar Panel

In this video I show you a professional solar panel I purchased, and since I only plan to use the solar panel as a temporary solar panel for different projects, I’m going to install some alligator clips on the leads so I can easily hook up the solar panel to devices and unhook it. To complete this simple task, I also wanted to use heat shrink tubing instead of just regular electric tape to hide my connections. This is a very easy project that almost anyone could do, and not with solar panels …

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  1. #1 by virlusun at August 28th, 2009

    The reason why it doesn’t have a blocking diode is because they r expecting the controler to do all the job. It is good design though.

  2. #2 by RobertSmith3 at August 28th, 2009

    Yeah I figured that as well but forgot to mention it 🙂 Thanks for the comments.

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