SOLAR PANELS/home made tracker


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  1. #1 by BeefyCrackers12 at June 11th, 2009

    i love it!
    how much do the solar kits cost?

  2. #2 by doug2877 at June 11th, 2009

    199 + tax=218 thanks

  3. #3 by tpm4life at June 11th, 2009

    nice vid. i got the same setup for Xmas and the way i got riged it had light most the day with the low winter sun. now im lucky if i get 3 hr. thanks for the low buck tip…

  4. #4 by doug2877 at June 11th, 2009


  5. #5 by mrbuki77 at June 20th, 2009

    Very nice setup. I like your tracker idea. I have to keep my set up on top of my back porch, since I live in a community. So I will place my panel rack directly on top of the lazy susan and attach a gear with a shaft that extends through my porch roof. This way I will be able to turn it from inside my porch. Thanx for the great idea. Sam

  6. #6 by field16 at August 12th, 2009

    You make it look easy to spin those solar panels way over head.

    Have you had any issues with wind trying to pick your panels off the pole?

    I still have to make a mount for my panel. I’m a little worried about wind getting under the panel and tearing it up, like an umbrella in a storm, getting turned inside-out.

  7. #7 by doug2877 at August 12th, 2009

    It spins super easy, my kid tracks while im at work. she has seen 30mph wind and it just kinda shimmied a little..I get an extra 40% by tracking I have had to dump some load lately know I have a turbine so I will have to start using more or sell it to my buddy next door….thanks for your comments………..LATER FROM THE WEST COAST………………….

  8. #8 by vicmeuk at September 20th, 2009

    superb mate!!! A+

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