Window Herb Garden Tips

If you love gardening but live in a place where there is no room for a garden, you might think that gardening is impossible for you. If you live in an apartment with no yard, you may have all but completely eliminated the idea of growing your own vegetables and herbs. However, do not give up just yet! If you do not have the necessary outdoor space to grow your own vegetables and herbs, you should consider the possibility of window herb gardening. If you have a large windowsill, you have plenty of space to begin a window herb garden.

What Is Window Herb Gardening?

Window herb gardening is when you basically grow a small sized garden in a container on your windowsill. You have to choose window herb garden friendly plants to grow in your windowsill garden because all plants not grow well in window herb garden. All you need to do is get some quality fertilizer, dirt, your plant, and a large enough container to accommodate your plant when it is full grown. Simply plant your plant, water it according to its needs, and watch your plant grow!

Benefits To Window Herb Gardening

Window herb gardening’s greatest advantage is that there is a design to suits every one needs. Whether you want a flowering herb garden that doubles as a flower garden or simply a small garden filled with your favorite fresh herbs, there is a concept out there that can, and will, work for you.

In addition, there are plenty of other benefits to this type of gardening. First, this gardening is great for people with disabilities. If you are elderly or handicap, you might not be able to get outside and get down in the dirt with a traditional garden. Instead, you can place your window garden at a level someplace that is comfortable for you to get to. You can tend it all you need or want to without straining yourself. Second, window herb gardening is great if you are lacking money. Herb seeds are very inexpensive, and you can grow many different types of herbs in your container garden. Instead of buying the fresh herbs at the store, you can simply pick them off of your plants. Finally, window herb gardening can save you time. If you are a busy family where you do not have time to go out and tend to a garden, a window garden is what you need. You will not have problems with weeds or animals eating your labor. Instead, you can simply pick your herbs and enjoy!

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