Business PBX Phone System

As a small business owner, you need to have a way for your clients and customers to communicate with you. Phones are still the most common and most used form of communication in the world today. Can your current small business phone service do more for your company?

If you want to take your current small business phone system to the next level, then you need a small business PBX phone service. Working with your current business phone service, a small business virtual phone service with voice mail services greatly enhances your most simple form of communication.

A small business PBX makes your existing small business phone service behave like that of a large corporation. If you have ever called a larger corporation that has an virtual phone system that greets you and lets you pick an employee or department to be connected with, then you know exactly what a business PBX service will do for your business.

Utilizing your current phone lines, a virtual phone systems solution gives you either a local or toll-free phone number that acts as your company’s primary telephone number. Once a customer calls your phone number, they are greeted by your auto attendant and offered the choice of where their call should be routed.

Call routing choices are completely in your control. The beauty of a small business PBX service is that inbound phone calls can be routed to any phone in the world, all it needs is a dial tone. This means that you can be vacationing in France and receive customer calls on your cell phone.

With plans beginning at under $10 per month, you have to have a small business PBX service for your business. The biggest virtual phone systems providers are RingCentral and GotVmail. Our testing has shown RingCentral to be the better service, as it offers the best set of features with competitive pricing and a free 30-day trial.

From powerful virtual auto attendant features, to ACD call queuing ability, to online voicemail, a business PBX service really brings a lot of value to your current small business phone service.

If your small business relies on phone service to communicate with customers, you have to give a hard look at a small business PBX service. You will be amazed at how one of these communication services can really change your existing business phone system.

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